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7 top pet peeves at the gym

There I was minding my own business, I had decided to go to the gym to get my workout as it was raining heavily. Now I hardly complain but what happened next got my gripe.
So there she was in the locker room, middle aged lady, curly haired and stout, merrily switching on the hair dryer.

I assume she was going to dry her hair or so i thought:

HORROR of horrors , ever so casually sitting down, she slowly lifted her leg to rest it on her other knee and started to calmly blow dry her wet feet!

Nonchalently humming to herself no less..
Eeks! I could imagine flakes of dried skin getting caught in the dryer.
Woe to the next unsuspecting user. She just might get additional ‘nutrients’ added to her hair.
That got me thinking of the top pet peeves at the gym.
Here are 7 of them:

1.  People oblivious to the fact that it is peak period and spend more time than they should on the machines and not sharing. Other people need to lose weight too okie.

2.  While on the treadmill, please note that it is rude to stare and stare. If you must do so, do so discretely.

3.   Challengers. They keep glancing at your progress on your machine instead of theirs.

4.   People who wipe their sweat with their hands and “blessing ” you with their holy water.

5.   People who reserve the locker changing rooms by leaving their clothes hanging in them.

6.   Chatting incessantly and loudly on your cellphone while you work out.

7.   People who leave empty water bottles in the locker room or  used towels on the benches.

These are my top 7 pet peeves at the gym in my opinion.

What’s yours?

Share your two cents worth!


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