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It’s always the mind over matter

Sometimes the heart is willing but the flesh is weak.

This was how I felt earlier on today. I was so sleepy but it was only five in the evening and I promised myself I would go for a run.

“but surely I can take another day off? After all it’s a brand new week if I start on Monday and Sunday IS a rest day┬áright…”

But then I thought how bad I would feel if I did not go and after all it’s only a bit of time out of my whole life.

So I told myself, ok just get changed and just run half an hour today.

Guess what, best decision made for the day. I ran for one and a half hours.

Sometimes, all we need is psyche ourselves to take the first step in getting out of the house. Your body will do the rest.

Here’s where I finished my run today:

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