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Why I chose friendship over running

Distance: 2.56 km/ 1.59miles
Time:      14:59min
Pace:      05:49min/km

Ping! That’s the sound of my Iphone’s Watsapp.

My friend: ” Are you up? Want to go running?” (surprise, surprise)

Me: (looking groggily at the phone) : ” err okie, what time?”

Her: “Pick you up in 15 min.”

Leaped ( okie well, trudged ) out of bed, washed up and changed.

My friend can’t run very far and I knew she would only run one round. (which is 2.6km)

So to motivate her, I told her I would run one round with her too.

Even though I hardly felt like I was getting a workout, I believe our friendship went further than any other run would take me.

There is something that’s very special about taking the time to laugh,bond and taking things slow.

It felt good too, to take a break from training.

So never mind if we can’t run long distance together, I know our friendship can.

That’s called a workout for the soul.

2 thoughts on “Why I chose friendship over running”

  1. Dave says:

    That is awesome!

  2. Zalary says:

    I love this! You're a great friend 😀

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