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How circadian rhythm affects running

Ever heard of circadian rhythm?


Hands up those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning to run. 

I know I do!

I sheepishly admit that there are upteen times when I ignore the alarm and dive right back into lala land. 

I really run better in the evening or night you know. When the sun has set, and there is a light breeze, when I like to unwind after a hard day at work and running does it for me. When I can reflect or listen peacefully to my podcasts. 

Some swear that they run faster at night, but it could be just perception according to this article I read: 
could running at night make you go faster?

The time of the day which you choose to exercise has an impact on the effectiveness of your routine. You burn more at certain times when your body temperature is ideal for sport due to circadian rhythm . I am no scientist but this article further explains in greater detail about it and training.

That explains my lacklustre performances in the morning when my legs feel like lead. Now I have a perfectly good reason to train in the evenings. Either that or I have to change my body clock.

Then again, I don’t really care about how fast I run nowadays but more of getting back my fitness which is dearly missed. 

Heck! I used to be able to go to a kick boxing class and and run a 10k straight after but now it’s one or the other and even then I struggle to push through. 

I can totally hear my body screaming to get my ass off the seat and my feet on the ground!

Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I remain positively upbeat that with grit and determination , I will get back there somehow. 

I think I will go for that evening jog later on.

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