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Great Eastern Womens Run 2012 Singapore

Got a text from my friend.

“Wanna run the Great Eastern womens run 2012 singapore with me?”

Me: ” Ok”

So just like that, I am registered for the 10km run.

Race Details

Date: 11 November 2012, Sunday
Time: To be confirmed
Venue: The [email protected] Bay
Early bird promo ends 30th june so ladies, you have approximately another month before paying $10 more.
Just gonna lift this off their page so that its easier to see here without going back and forth.
Race Fees


Race Categories

DistanceGreat Eastern
30.03.2012 (Fri) –
30.06.2012 (Sat)Loyal Runners*

30.03.2012 (Fri) –
30.06.2012 (Sat)Early Bird

30.03.2012 (Fri) –
30.06.2012 (Sat)Normal Period

01.07.2012 (Sun) –
30.09.2012 (Sun)5km Individual
5km (register for two)$22.00
$65.0010km Individual
10km (register for two)$37.00
$105.0021km Individual
21km (register for two)$45.00

Bulk registration is available for 15 pax and above. A discount of 5% will be applicable and registrations can be made up of a mix of categories. This discount is applicable for early bird and normal periods.

Race Entry Entitlements

  • Exclusive Adidas Response Event Singlet worth $39
  • Exclusive event bag
  • Personalised race bib
  • Exclusive Finisher’s Medal (For 10km and 21km race finishers only)
  • Complimentary insurance cover during your run on Race Day, 11 November 2012
  • Other sponsored items

So let me see, so far I have registered for:
  • Pocari Race – 10km July
  • Northface Trail Run – 25km Oct
  • Great Eastern Womens Run 10km – 11 Nov
  • Standard Chartered Marathon – registration opens in July!

Which means four new running tees for me. Lol! I  think that should be enough for now. 

On a side note, I still have not recovered yet. It’s taking too long but I don’ t have a choice now, do I?

So, I have, in a desperate attempt to maintain my stamina, started to do brisk walks which I feel is way more tiring than running! 

How do those brisk walkers do it? They make it seem so easy. Maybe it’s just me, I prefer running and walking fast doesn’t cut it for me. 

Positively though, it helps me develop patience and lets me do a lot of self reflection 🙂


One thought on “Great Eastern Womens Run 2012 Singapore”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice plan for 2012
    For me will be nike10km and standchart 21km

    Air persus

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