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Benefits of Bikram Yoga – Posture 2 ( Ardha-Chandrasana or Half moon pose)

My second least favourite pose of them all. Am so glad it is the second one so I can get it over and done with.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do it to the best of my ability but I don’t like bending my torso to the side. When you look at the mirror, everyone is at different levels of bending. Some more deeply, the others like me halfway there. No wonder they call it the half moon pose as we resemble a crescent. But I endure because I want the benefits of Bikram Yoga!

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It looks easier in the photos but believe me it ain’t!


Benefits of this pose:

  • Strengthens every muscles in the body’s core, esp the abdomen
  • Increases the flexibility of the spine, promotes proper kidney function, and helps to cure enlargement of the liver and spine
  • It also helps firm and trim the waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.


My personal take:

Me no like! But that’s just me. ¬†It makes me stretch so much which is good for me I know. Funny how you don’t like things that are good for you sometimes.

Everyone practising will have their most and least favourite pose. It is a good stretch though and bending down, holding my body as tightly as I can together like a Japanese ham sandwich (figure 3 ) does wonders for my hamstring which are seriously tight and unflexible. I need to stretch more!

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