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New Balance Minimus

Am thinking of getting a pair of trail shoes for my Northface run in October. Last year, I had taken the risk and worn my shoddy,  “almost nearly there and have to throw away pair” of New Balance shoes that has served me so well. Lucky it didn’t give way. Stupid thing to do I know. What if it DID give way halfway?

Hence, the contemplation.. Was researching which trail shoes would be good when I came across the New Balance Minimus ad:

Pretty funny.

Anyway, according to their website:

The Minimus Zero Trail was engineered to provide increased ground-feel, its extremely lightweight design features a durable Vibram® outsole that makes conquering terrains from concrete to trail the ultimate minimalist experience.

Think I might just head to the New Balance store to check it out. I kinda like the one at Velocity.

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Read their review here

8 thoughts on “New Balance Minimus”

  1. zhong says:

    hello again! i was looking at minimalist shoes (esp the minimus range) too. i ain’t no expert but i did a bit of research and asked around.

    what i have gathered so far is:
    barefoot running (or rather forefoot striking in the case of vibrams and minimalist shoes) is not for everyone
    unless u’re an experienced barefoot runner, try not to go more than 5km. infact, the inside of the minimus shoe box contains a “warning” of sorts advising runners to slowly incorporate barefoot running into their training regime. some online sources even advised starting out with 10% or your normal training mileage to slowly adapt to the barefoot running technique. cushioning is minimal and technique must be altered in order to run pain-free using the forefoot running technique. but i have seen people at pocari sweat run and cancer run doing 10km and 15km in vibrams, even barefoot. so.. depends on individual i think?
    most companies now would have you believe that traditional trainers are evil by focusing on the consequences of heelstriking and how the foot is naturally built for landing on the balls of the feet. forefoot strikers also have their fair share of injury risks, especially on the calves and achilles. of course, most of these injuries may well be a result of weak muscles trying to do too much too soon, not an inherent problem with the technique.
    all that being said, trail application of the forefoot running technique would be significantly different from road application. on the trail, undulating and varying terrain woulld mean that your body would naturally avoid the heel strike as almost every step would have to be negotiated, thus a subconscious switch to forefoot striking woul occur to avoid any unexpected shocks. the activation of smaller muscles in the legs and feet would also lessen the repeated stress on the joints and bigger muscles. road running is way more repetitive and the body would be more concerned with pace and muscle efficiency rather than shock absorption of each step. the larger muscles will tend to take over, and the smaller muscles would not be as actively engaged.
    the minimal cushion and lower stack height of minimalist shoes would also somewhat increase feedback, feel, and traction of each foot strike. imagine running trails with traditional chunky trainers. higher stack height means a higher chance of misnegotiating the terrain, higher chances of having your ankles twisted.
    very longwinded i know, but i’m kinda on a running high recently and doing tonnes of reading so just sharing my 2 cts. if i were you, i’d go ahead and at least give em a try instead of never knowing. if u’re opting for the trail version, i think it’s highly highly trail specific. it kinda looks like a thicker vibram 5fingers with a collective toebox and zero cushioning technology thrown in. even if it’s only for this upcoming race, i’m sure that if the shoe delivers and you enjoy it, u will run more trails too. if it disappoints, it still looks quite stylo to stroll around in. so.. win-draw situation at worst?

    ok i’m done =)

    1. offshewent says:

      Hi there!
      Thanks for the very informative comment, appreciate it.Yeah, I get what you mean, I wanted to try out trail shoes as I have been using one shoe for everything. So I wanted to know what the difference is as I do like trail runs and if I can find something that lets me run better than I am willing to try but i agree that it will definitely take sometime to get used to

      1. zhong says:

        good luck! hope the shoes work out well for u! i’m pretty tempted by the minimus too actually.. the road version. must say their marketing videos do their job pretty well. haha. somemore i work at united square and i peek in whenever i pass the novena square outlet. =)

  2. offshewent says:

    Lol. Lucky you.. I haven’t got the chance to pop by yet..

  3. isaac976 says:

    Yeah they are great shoes indeed if you are a minimalist lover, I managed to run with Anton Krupicka when he was here to promote the launch and I blogged about my encounter with him.
    Good Luck for your TNF this Oct, say hi to me if we ever meet in the trails !

    1. offshewent says:

      wow, lucky you! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      1. isaac976 says:

        Sure, your welcome.. hope you get well soon !


  4. lecoquelicot says:

    The Minimus is amazing! They work better for me than the Vibrams 🙂

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