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Nike Training Club – App Review

No time or money for a personal trainer?

This app is for you!

This Nike Training Club – App Review is based on my own opinion and is not sponsored. I simply tried it out as my friend kept raving about how it kicked his butt the other day and asked a group of us to download it.

So I did. It kicked my butt too. I was tired knackered after doing it.

*Take note though that it takes quite a bit of memory (600+ mb) in comparison to other apps on your iPhone and it is only downloadable when connected to itunes. 

It is free anyway so there really is no harm in trying it out.

I took screenshots for examples on how it looks like.

I really like how simple it is to use.

Next, you choose your goal. I started with Get Focused as there were some areas I wanted to hone in on.

Then you choose the level you think you are at. I started at beginner. (glad I did)

Better to underestimate than overestimate.

Sculpted arms was one of the many workouts to choose from. I choose that workout as they are what I really wanna work on at the moment.

The whole workout lasts for 15min only but it felt longer and looking at the various exercises to choose from, you really have a chance to work every part of your arms.

You only have one minute to do each exercise, so aim for more reps each time you progress.

If you tap on each specific exercise, there is a short video demonstration to show you the proper technique of how its should be done. Pretty neat.

This plank front raise to rotation exercise below was the killer for me. I could only do 2 each on each side.

Plus point: You can set your workout music

Note to self: aim to improve by one rep each time.

And after you are done, your workouts are saved. As you can see I have done only two so far. Arms are my weakest link.

It charts your progression too. How long you have invested in training, your workout history and  tells you when your next reward will be unlocked.

These are your workout rewards. There are exclusive celebrity and athletes workouts as your minutes add up and you are able to share your progress with friends on either Facebook or twitter.

Bonus workouts are also available for download each month by athletes and celebrities alike. I haven’t downloaded any yet so far though.

My take:

All in all. I think nike training club is really great when you need a quick cardio blast or to strength train. It allows you to choose which exercises you want to focus on according to your ability and fitness level for that day.

I like that you can do it in the privacy of your home or when you don’t feel like hitting the gym. Plus, if you are disciplined enough and don’t need a personal trainer to push you (I know some people only respond better when there is someone real to keep them in check), I believe you will get results quickly too!

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