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Pocari Sweat Run 2012

So it finally happened, forgoing the SHAPE run that also took place on the same day, I signed up for the Pocari Sweat Run 2012 Singapore instead.

I was a bit apprehensive as I had just fully recovered from an injury which saw me out of action for about 2 long months. I wondered if I could do a 10km as it has certainly been a while…

I decided to tread carefully and not push for a good timing but just enjoy the run. It is a new route where we run at the Gardens by the Bay which has just newly opened.

Very nice I must say, especially arriving in the wee hours of the morning and you could see the Supertrees (That’s what they’re called) still lighted up amidst the dark. You could even see the moon still up in the sky.





The illuminated trees provide a nice glow against the darkness of the sky

See the small crescent in the sky

It was really enjoyable walking in the cool pre sunrise breeze past the trees to the event site and it would be a such a waste not to take any photos along the way. We were early after all!

before the run.. Taken against the Marina Bay Sands hotel

Testing out a lil black and white here

Glad I went for my Birkam yoga class the day before, my muscles were relatively loosened up and I felt no pain in my legs but did I mention I felt a tinge of a sore throat coming on? That didn’t deter me though.

So here we are all revved and ready to go!

So the buzzer sounded and off we went, I really took my own sweet time, stopping along the way to snap some pictures. The scenery was really pretty and I am glad I choose to run this route instead of the other run where they are running along the Nicoll Highway.

Pretty nice huh? Get the app that takes panoramic views, I am so satisfied with mine.

You can expect all sorts of flowers at the Garden

The rest of the run was pretty smooth with nice weather throughout. It was really being kind to me. I finished in about an hour or so but shall wait for the official timing to come in. It felt shorter than 10km though but maybe cos’ I was enjoying the run.

Crossing the finish line, we had Pocari drinks (of course) waiting for us and a banana as our reward. Went to where our friend was waiting for us and did a bit of warm down 🙂

Pretty proud of my best friend who did her first 10km. Woohoo!

Finally, one last goodbye to the Gardens and we were on our way to a well deserved breakfast.

running at gardens by the bay

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