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Signing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012


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Gonna sign up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012.

Not too sure if I can run it as well as last year though. Such a disappointment as I told myself I would better my timing this year. But because of lots of factors, chances are really slim. Just gonna try my best though and hopefully I don’t cramp up..

Anyway, click here to register for the full marathon.

Registration Fee
Duration 6 Jul – 26 Jul (3 Weeks) 27 Jul – 30 Sept
6 – 12 Jul 13 – 26 Jul
Early Bird (EB) Period Normal (N) Period
Direct Mailer*
(20% Off)
(15% Off)
Full SCB**
(15% Off)
Full Rate
Full Marathon – 42.195km $60.00 $63.75 $75.00 $72.25 $85.00
Half Marathon – 21.1km $46.40 $49.30 $58.00 $55.25 $65.00
$40.00 $42.50 $50.00 $46.75 $55.00
Kids Dash – 750m $14.40 $15.30 $18.00 $17.00 $20.00
Ekiden – 42.195km $240.00 $300 (Payment with SCB Card: $255.00)

2 thoughts on “Signing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012”

  1. iNDi says:

    I signed up for the full marathon for Stan Chart too! It’s my first attempt at the marathon this year although I’ve been running long distance for many years haha

  2. offshewent says:

    Awesome! Everyone should do a marathon at least once in their life. Should be a breeze for you.

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