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5 things the Olympics make me feel

I’ve got an itch to scratch. Literally.

It’s an irritating moquito bite on the bottom of my feet. At least I can scratch it. Why it bit me there I will never know, it’s not exactly the juiciest part if you know what I mean.

That brings me to the olympics.


While on the couch and scratching my foot (very glam I know), I was watching the athletics.

The women’s high jump, the 400m women’s heat and others were showing.  Man, those women can really run!

I love the Olympics or any other sporting event for that matter. We get to sit comfortably on our couches watching beautiful bodies compete for fame and honor for themselves and their countries.

We groan and moan at their distress, we share their joy when they win and feel their anguish when they don’t.

I love seeing people at the top of their game.

But then, it makes me feel a host of other things:


  • I have got an itch to scratch now! As in, being injured and all, I wanna soothe the need to go do some sport now. At least with muh bite, I can relieve it somehow..  This itch is harder to satisfy.


  • It makes me feel guilty! Watching the men’s 3000m steeple chase heat now while typing this. I stopped scratching and started typing. (Yes, I washed my hands if you must know). Back to my point, I think I should step up my game and be more dedicated to improving my fitness.


  • Which brings me to feeling motivated. As soon as I heal, training starts!


  • Makes me get an adrenalin rush – Especially when someone overtakes another! (Side note, that Kenyan runner is good siah!)


  • Makes me wanna travel!  I miss London, gloomy weather and all.  I miss travelling.. ..  Note to self:  plan a trip soon.


And the Olympics leaves me amazed!  In the time I took to write this, the Russian overtook the Kenyan and won the heat, someone fell and four qualified for the final.  Awesome.

Gtg, women’s 100m heat next.

What do the Olympics make you feel?

4 thoughts on “5 things the Olympics make me feel”

  1. Totally agree about the olympics, craving to be done with my injury (so I can train!) and wanting to travel. The worst place I got a mosquito bite was on my right armpit. No idea how it bit me there, but it hurt so much! I practically had to walk around with my arm away from my body to gain some relief. Hope your mosquito bite goes away asap!

    1. offshewent says:

      lol! That sounds hilarious (the arm away from body) although at that time, it probably would have been more of a bother. I spent the day stomping my feet so that i could get some relief

  2. I love the glam picture you paint, it made me LOL!

    1. offshewent says:

      Glad I put a smile on your face!

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