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5 Non Lactose Milk Alternatives to Cow’s Milk

non lactose milks


For those who are lactose intolerant , these are some non lactose milk alternatives for you to try.

Which ones are your favourite?

I like dairy products but my tummy doesn’t really agree with them very much.

I like almond milk. Yum!

7 thoughts on “5 Non Lactose Milk Alternatives to Cow’s Milk”

  1. Love almond milk! Started drinking it a couple of months ago. Good in smoothies, too!

  2. Also, I’ve nominated you for the Leibster new blogger award! Check out my post

    Kind of a chain letter type of deal with this award, but still fun!

  3. isaac976 says:

    The article can add one more .. Goat’s milk 😉

  4. I just got a Vitamix this weekend and am DYING to make almond milk. I’m just waiting for my nut milk bags to show up, since nobody around here carries them. Frustrating!

    1. offshewent says:

      Ohh please put a post on that! I would love to know how to make home made almond milk, I have only drunk store bought ones so far 🙂

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