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What Makes A Good Travel Buddy

Your travel buddy is a crucial element to your trip. They can make or break your trip.

Every had one of those moments where you are at one of the most beautiful places on earth, only to think that you would rather experience it with someone else?

I have had a lot of travel accquaintances in my line of work before. People you just met, some you get along with, others not so much…. Some you feel like you have known them for years while for others you find difficulty in even conversing about the most mundane stuff.

Some good friends have made the worst travel buddies while others that at first didn’t fit the bill were one of the best.

The sad part is, you really have to go on the darned trip to see if your travelling buddy suits you.

it’s funny how the best trips are those that go wrong whereas the ones that go right are as forgettable as what you ate for dinner last night.

You know you have found the best travel buddy when:

  • The worst things can happen to the both of you but it seems more funny than bad. And you never tire talking about it.
  • Both of you are polar opposites (neat freak personĀ meets not so neat person) but somehow you make it work in the hotel room without killing each other
  • You don’t feel the need to talk all the time and can enjoy the silence
  • You take turns giving in to each other without any resentment
  • You love chilling out together(at the beach/cafe/anywhere) watching the world go by
  • You can walk for miles and miles (literally) and it never seems far
  • You spontaneously decide to do something (no matter how stupid) and the other supports rather than raining on your parade
  • You can get one each other’s nerves but somehow make up before the day is up
  • No matter where you are, there is no one you rather share the moment with
  • You can totally be yourself
  • They are the first ones to cross your mind when you want to take a trip

What’s your perfect travel buddy like? Do you have one? Or are you still searching?

2 thoughts on “What Makes A Good Travel Buddy”

  1. isaac976 says:

    My perfect buddy is somebody who wants to explore… no matter how deep or how scary .. not worried about the sun or rain.. or even time. Now that’s a perfect traveling buddy.


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