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Adidas King Of The Road Race Pack Collection – Singapore 2012

I just went to collect my Adidas King Of The Road racepack at Suntec City a while ago. Collection was very smooth, I didn’t even have to wait!

There is even a booth for runners to check their feet type, flat foot, hi arch, etc. You stand on this pad on the floor where it detects your feet shape. I didn’t have to do it as I already know I have freaking flat feet.

So what’s in the bag?

Not as fancy as what the other runs gave.. Hmm, wonder why? The only thing worth mentioning is the deodorant which I don’t use. This is the second Adidas running event this year, the first being The Adidas Sundown Marathon earlier on in the year.

Like the mesh bag though, good for keeping dirty clothes after a workout at the gym.

Supposed to be green, no idea why it turned out so blue in the photo.

I also like the bib! Real cool.

Anyway, since there is a promotion going on for all participants, 20% off running, training apparels/footwear, I thought why not pop in the shop to take a look? But I didn’t see any shoe that caught my eye so maybe another time.

I did like this pair of hi-cut Adidas Hearts shoe though but I already have one like it sans the hearts. I love Adidas shoes and sneakers and have been buying them from different countries around the world. Sad thing is, if you seldom wear them, the glue is going to give way.

I also liked this black diamante studded sleeve jacket, I think it’s gonna add some serious bling to your outfit but then again, I spent too much this month. 🙁

So the Adidas King Of The Road run happens next Sunday 28th October at the Gardens by The Bay, 16.8km. Hopefully I can finish in good time as I haven’t been training since May due to a leg injury and it has only healed recently.

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