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How To Lose 5kg By Christmas

There are exactly 10 weeks to go to Christmas and no one wants a pouch like Santa!

So that’s the reason for my belly..

I’m sure everyone wants to look fabulous for the festive season. Not to mention there are going to be a lot of meet ups and parties to go to as well.

What happens during parties? You feast.

That’s right, turkey, log cakes, egg nog and other traditional Christmas goodies are going to be everywhere you turn. This will lead to inevitable weight gain if you are going to be eating more than usual and exercising less because of all the social commitments you will be having.

This means you have to start eating right NOW! Not only to look fantastic by Christmas but because you would have cultivated good eating habits by then; and you can prevent weight gain during the festive season by eating in moderation.

If you are not convinced, check out these five reasons why you should start eating healthy not only during Christmas or any festive period but daily. Start by looking for tips on how to start eating healthy and slowly incorporate them into your dietary habits.

Find out what healthy foods make you feel full so that you don’t overeat and what diet busting foods to avoid so that you won’t bust your calorie intake. Choose healthy snacks that provide nutrients to your body.

Back to the big question:

How to lose 5kg by Christmas?

This is a realistic goal considering that a 0.5-1kg weight loss per week is the recommended amount by the Health Promotion Board . So if you start now, you will be well on your way to achieving this target by Christmas.

The math: 

10 weeks x 0.5kg = 5kg

You would have to eat around 3500kcal less a week to see a 0.5kg weight loss. That is an average of 500kcal a day.

1. Start exercising! Diet alone won’t cut it

Exercise is important as it helps to rev up your metabolism which we all know helps is crucial to weight loss. A sluggish metabolism means that you are not optimizing your body to burn fat. By exercising regularly for at least 30min a day, you will burn an average of around 250kcal per session depending on the intensity. Eg: a 58kg woman running at a pace of 10km/h (6min/km) will burn 270 kcal. See this resource to check out how many calories are burned for common activities.


2. Start eating right to complement your exercise regime

With half of the target met through exercise, it is easy to reach the quota of cutting 500kcal a day. Check out how to diet for more details.

Cut down on a bowl of rice and you would have saved 242kcal

So if you eat a bowl of rice less and exercise 30min at moderate intensity = 500kcal burned a day!

Not that tough right?

If you exercise and still don’t see any progress, chances are you are not making enough changes to your body. Huh? What do you mean? I eat in moderation and exercise diligently. In fact, you may be eating more without realising it because working out makes you feel hungrier as your body uses more energy. So how do you ensure that you don’t feel hungry? 

 3. Eat more fibre to feel full

According to MayoclinicHigh-fiber foods that are essential for a healthy diet generally require more chewing time, which gives your body time to register when you’re no longer hungry, so you’re less likely to overeat. Also, a high-fiber diet tends to make a meal feel larger and linger longer, so you stay full for a greater amount of time. They also tend to be less “energy dense,” which means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food.

In other words, more fruit and vegetables! I lean more toward vegetable though because they contain less sugar which is brings me to the next point.



4. Cut out sugar

I don’t need to say more. The harmful effects of sugar are abounding! Look at this list I found: 141 ways sugar ruins your health. After reading it, I am all the more convinced that sugar is the mother of all evil (like the Exorcist evil) foods that will kill you. Even though I have a sweet tooth, I have noticed that once I cut out sugar out from my diet, the pounds began to drop.

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If you are like me and have a serious sugar addiction, look for ways to cut out sugar from your diet. Beware though, you might get cranky like I did for the first few days.

Further reading if you have the time: Is sugar toxic and the truth about sugar

Whatever it is, the consensus is pretty much the same if you do a search on sugar. Even Nestle has decided to cut out sugar and salt in breakfast cereals aiming for average reductions of 24 per cent in sugar and 12 per cent in sodium.

Bottom line: Cut out sugar and see results and no cheating! 


5. Snack smart

Snacks can be tempting even if you have the sheer mind power of a jedi when it comes to not overeating. You may eat healthily at meals and exercise diligently but keep snacking on the wrong stuff and watch your efforts be derailed. Smart snacks should support your healthy eating habits, give your body its essential nutrients and satisfy your cravings among others.

When you are feeling hungry and its 1-2 hours away from meal time, a snack can starve off hunger pangs and chances are you won’t overeat during your main meal.

Keep these general guidelines in mind when choosing a snack: 150 to 250 calories, about 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and no more than 12 grams of fat. ( From, guide to healthy snacking)

If you are craving something sweet, these healthy dessert ideas are just the thing for you, if you want something salty, these healthy snacks to satisfy your salty craving are just awesome!

So give yourself the best Christmas present ever and start your how to lose 5kg plan today and I guarantee by then, you will be so thankful you did!


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