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Protein Shake Review – NutriBiotic, Organic Rice Protein, Vanilla review

This is a NutriBiotic Organic Rice Protein Vanilla review

I bought this online a while back as I was looking for a plant based protein powder as I didn’t want to consume any milk or soy protein and decided to write a NutriBiotic Organic Rice Protein Vanilla review as the ones online I suspect might not be legit. Protein powders come in real handy when you need something to fill you up or to replenish your energy after a workout Read more on what are protein powders and when you need them.

Plant based protein powders are a little different and some camps have said that they are not complete proteins. I came across this interesting thread on Runner’s World forum: Veg protein powder vs whey and agreed with what one of the guys said which was

“The best being: “The minor differences in performance of proteins don’t matter enough unless you are right on the edge of making enough protein available. “

In other words, I really doubt you’ll notice a difference depending on which protein powder you opt to take.”

Anyway, I prefer to take plant based ones as I am lactose intolerant and I am trying not to take so much soy at the moment.


I give it 3 stars out of 5 as I could hardly make out the slight vanilla taste. it was there but only a hint of it. Still, it tasted better than the Source Naturals Pea Protein Powder which I have also tried. To be honest, most plant protein powders taste more blah than whey or soy ones. You can shake things up a bit through a little creativity though.

Blend bananas and dates for natural sweetness. A drop or two of stevia wouldn’t hurt or even add it to yoghurt. There are plenty of ways to incorporate rice or pea protein into many everyday foods. Will write on food ideas for protein powders soon.


The nutrition facts on NutriBiotic, Organic Rice Protein

review of NutriBiotic, Organic Rice Protein, Vanilla

As you can see, for every serving there is about 12gm of protein, zero fat and only 1gm of sugar. Some of the protein powders that I have bought before contained sucralose and other artificial sugars to give it a sweet taste. I have learnt that the lesser the ingredients the better as it means your food is less processed and is more natural and healthy.

Check out how much protein you need with this protein calculator I found.

Satiety Factor

Quite filling I must say, keeps hunger pangs at bay and is good when you need something to keep you full till your next meal. Good and light enough for a pre workout snack or drink too.

It is also good for people on a low carb meal plan and I think they are a great way to prevent you from overeating provided you have will power too lah.

Anyway, since this is a review and it’s in my honest opinion on what I think is good for my body, I am just sharing my experiences with you guys and think that there is no harm in trying this out if you are looking for a plant based protein.

I will write reviews on the Source Natural Pea Protein Powder and Growing Naturals Rice Protein Powder when I have the time.

Read to further see what NutriBiotic, Organic Rice Protein, Vanilla is all about.

reivew of NutriBiotic, Organic Rice Protein, Vanilla


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