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The climb up Mount Brinchang Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The climb up Mount Brinchang Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

At 6666 ft or 2031 m high, Mount Brinchang is the tallest mountain in Cameron Highlands. You can see it almost from anywhere in Cameron Highlands with its distinctable Telecommunication tower at the top.

There are two ways to get to Gunung Brinchang; one is by a narrow access road near the Boh tea plantation. You can either drive up the winding road or hike up slowly taking roughly 3hours.

The other way which I took was via the jungle trail that starts near Brinchang town; off the main road and past a small settlement. You will see a signboard that indicates the start of jungle walk 1. Climb over a huge drain pipe and into the forest to start on the 3km trail that leads up to the peak.

mount brinchang cameron highlands


I think this climb is quite easy for a moderately fit person, unless of course you hate mud and that might contribute to your eww factor.

Why am I climbing Mount Brinchang?

Because on every trip, I make it a point to do something active and I just love outdoor sports very much. After climbing Mount Kota Kinabalu, I have been having thoughts about climbing other mountains.

Also, the view at the summit is always worth the effort. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching the top. Mount Brinchang promises a view of the massive Titiwangsa Range and if you are lucky, some say you can see Perak from up there.

Do note though, the summit is constantly blanketed by clouds of cool mist so there might not be a clear view. This didn’t deter me and I took my chance.

What to expect when climbing Mount Brinchang


I wore a ¾ sleeved top and ¾ sleeved pants which I rolled up as I was getting hot, I took off my jacket too. What I advise is to bring a towel and wear dri fit clothes. I wore normal cotton ones. The climb didn’t really make me perspire though but I guess it’s because of the weather that kept me cool.

One thing is for sure, be prepared to get your shoes freakin muddy. I had a hard time getting mud off my sport shoes. Wear hiking shoes instead for you will definitely squish your way through mud.

The climb:

The first half of the forest is called the deep trek forest according to Satu who was my guide. The trees in this forest are tall and the trail paths are relatively dry with little obstacles like fallen trees, branches in your way but the steps are quite high. I began panting after a fair bit as it has been quite a while since I have been climbing but I was happy to inhale such fresh air.

mount brinchang cameron highlands

climbing mount brinchang cameron highlands

mount brinchang cameron highlands

mount brinchang cameron highlands

mount brinchang cameron highlands

mount brinchang cameron highlands

climbing mount brinchang cameron highlands

On the way, Satu pointed out to me things in the forest that only a local would know

mount brinchang cameron highlands

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

These border markers tells the direction where the states of Perak and Pahang lie.

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

When you see this below, you are entering the second part of the forest which is called the Mossy Forest. It is constantly enveloped in cool misty fogs and looks like a scene straight out of Avatar! With its haunting aura, it’s no wonder that it has also been called cloudy forest or fantasy forest.

mossy forest cameron highlands


I immediately noticed that the ground was wetter and mushier than the deep trek forest. I started seeing moss on the trees and dew forming on them and on spiderwebs. They made really pretty patterns of droplets.

Mount brinchang cameron highlands mossy forest

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

I also came across two landslides which is quite a scary thing as you climb past knowing that the ground that was supposed to be just beside you wasn’t there anymore. Instead, an eerie like fog just hovered over the void.

Mount Brinchang

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

I hope and prayed it wouldn’t give way today.

Check out this short video

Anyway, I did take a breather at that very spot and Satu said that on a clear day you could see the town below. This wasn’t the day. It was so foggy I could hardly see anything. I loved the cool breeze though. I felt like lingering a little longer but we had to start climbing up again.

Man! Were my shoes muddy and damp. If you are not careful and step on the wrong spot, you will be rewarded with fresh mud devouring your shoes. The trick is to find a branch or root stick out and step on those instead.

Mount brinchang cameron highlands

Every now and then, it is near impossible to climb up using just your legs and you have to grab hold of whatever you can find with your two hands and pull yourself up.

Finally, after passing by the third sign (200m more!), you reach the top and the first thing you see is the telecommunication tower. Turn left and walk beside the fence and you will reach the sign that says Mount Brinchang 6666ft 2031m. take a victory photo there before you head up the lookout tower.

summit at mount brinchang

 Mount Brinchang - cameron highland malaysia

I didn’t go up though as it was extremely foggy and I knew I would not see anything except fog.

All in all, it took about 2 hours (I think) to the top. I enjoyed the climb and wished that it was a little longer though because I had not had such outdoorsy fun in such a long time.

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  1. Hi,

    Can you share the contact number of the guide you used?


  2. AGP says:

    Hi, Can I check how did you engage Satu as a guide?

    Thank you.

  3. Thariq says:

    Hi..that’s really nice blog you got up there. Do you have any contacts for the tour guide ?

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Hi thanks for reading my blog! I actually went to the main town, went into one of the tour agents and booked a guide. I don’t have his contacts but from what I heard they are all pretty good and knowledgeable about the area as they are mostly locals.Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      1. Thariq says:

        Thanks. Ok, so you didn’t do the prior booking for tour guide, they went and selected from the town. Which hotel did you stay ? Did you make any reservation for the hotel ?

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