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What to do at Cameron Highlands – Strawberry Farm, Boh Tea Plantations, Jungle Trekking And More!

What to do at Cameron Highlands – strawberry farm, tea plantations, jungle trekking and more!

Thinking of going to Cameron Highlands for a short trip? There are plenty of things to do in Cameron Highlands if you ask me and I came back totally rejuvenated save for the long coach ride back.

I would recommend a few days at least although it is possible to cram almost everything over the weekend.  Most people would catch a morning and afternoon tour to see the tea plantations, strawberry farms, take a nature walk and at night, eat a steamboat dinner followed by a visit to the night market.

5 things to do in Cameron Highlands

1)  I took my own sweet time and booked the Agro Delight tour by Titiwangsa tours which costs around MYR65 per pax and starts at 2.30 and ends with a steamboat dinner.

What to see in the tour:

We went to an open terrace farm that planted various crops instead of solely concentrating on one type of produce. This way, chances of them having whatever was in demand was high.

what to see in cameron highlands

Panoramic view of multicrop farming

what to see in cameron highlands

Think this is a cherry tomato that’s going to turn red soon

what to see in cameron highlands- agro farm

Cauliflower at its freshest


what to see in cameron higland

Stall selling the fresh produce. You have got to try the sweet potato and the corn, I bought some back and it simply tasted great!


Was so tempted to buy the pumpkins too but they were too heavy

Chrysanthemum farm to see these beautiful flowers in their full bloom

These are the main 5 colours of this species of the Chrysanthemum


what to do in cameron highlands

Doesn’t the sea of yellow flowers look so cheerful!

Flower nursery to buy cactus and potted plants

Watercress farm

Panoramic view of the water cress farm.

Strawberry farm to do your own pickings

strawberry farm cameron highlands

 strawberry farm in cameron highlands

The strawberry slowly forms in the middle of the flower. After it blooms and the petals drop off, you can see the strawberry starting to grow.

This wee little strawberry is slowly getting its hue. The strawberries at Cameron Highlands were really very fresh and juicy with the right amount of sweetness. I think I ate a box of them almost every day.


Hydroponics farm – I must say this was like heaven for me as I really love my vegs! They had butterheads, lettuces and lots more.

Ever had butterhead juice? It tastes better than it sounds. Promise!try it, your skin will thank you for it.

They call this the red coral as it resembles coral from the sea. There is the green coral ones as wel..


2)   Boh tea plantation in Cameron Highlands

There are two tea plantations in Cameron Highlands so make sure you are going to the right one. If you are with the tour, no worries but if you are going on your own, do double check with the driver.

As your ride takes you up to the boh tea plantation, you are greeted with the marvellous sight of lush greenery all around you. You can see workers in the fields sorting out tea leaves and getting them ready to be taken to the factory to be processed into tea.

boh tea plantation cameron highlands

The breeze was fantastically fine that day. Couldn’t ask for more, really.

At the top of the BOH tea plantation is a very crowded café. Try to get a seat out in the open terrace as that is where the best view is while enjoying a hot cup of tea with some pastries and sandwiches from the café.

After having your fill, walk to the factory to see how tea is made, watch a video on the history of BOH tea plantation and finally, shop at the tea shop where you can buy tea in various flavours for yourself or loved ones back home. I particularly like the lychee with rose tea although the earl grey with mandarin is nice as well but weaker in terms of flavour.

the very first BOH tea mascot

Bought this back, its great for those who prefer the tea mild to medium

The Lychee with rose may sound like a strange combination but the taste was surprising pleasant and it is one of my favourite blends from BOH.


3)   For nature lovers and people who need adventure

There are various trekking routes and hikes that cater to people with different levels of fitness. Choose from a gentle stroll in the mossy forest or opt for a challenging mountain climbing experience that will take you up Mount Brinchang, Cameron Highlands tallest mountain. Read more about it here

4)   Enjoy afternoon tea

Experience afternoon tea in one of the many cafes in town. Enjoy traditional scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam accompanied by a cup of freshly brewed aromatic tea that pairs wonderfully with the scones. We had ours at the Cameron Highland Resort where we stayed and it was needless to say, just divine. Read more about our stay here

5)  Pamper yourself

Book an appointment with a spa for some serious self indulgence. After all, you are here for a getaway, no? After a long day of visiting farms or jungle trekking, a massage is really something to look forward to. Soak in tea baths to nourish you skin and choose from a wide range of spa treatments to suit your needs. I took the spa treatment at Spa Village Cameron Highland Resort and I must say that I immensely enjoyed my massage and it was worth every dime spent.  Read more about it here

what to do in cameron highlands

For the full Cameron Highlands Travel Guide, visit this page here




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