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Why You Should Drink Chocolate Milk After Working Out

Lately, my favourite post workout drink has been chocolate milk. It used to be good old plain water but ever since I read how chocolate milk can replenish exhausted muscles after an intense workout session while significantly aiding exercise recovery, I have been drinking it happily. Another reason is because I have been cutting out chocolate in my diet, this allows me a wee bit of indulgence as I really am a chocolate lover.

why you should drink chocolate milk

Curb your chocolate craving

Anyway,you may be thinking, isn’t chocolate milk high in fat and sugar ( Get some facts here) and why you should drink chocolate milk after working out? Isn’t water better? See these 8 drinks that will make you fat and chocolate milk isn’t one of them.



Water only replenishes sweat losses and not carbohydrates and protein and sports drinks has no protein, contains significantly less potassium and carbs too.

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The truth is, after exercising, we have used up a lot of energy and need to refuel the glycogen spent in our muscles. I thought this article that explains the four components of muscle recovery was very informative, read it if you have the time. We need to as quickly as possible replenish protein and carbohydrates in our body so that we can recover after an intense workout session and chocolate milk is one of the recommended choices of drinks.

combination of carbohydrates and protein in low-fat chocolate milk appears to be “just right” for refueling weary muscles – WebMD

Now, because I have quite a lactose intolerant tummy, I will only drink it after evening runs though and will only drink the maximum of about 150ml as I don’t really fancy bloating in the day or bloating that much at all. By cutting the amount by half, I still get the benefits of chocolate milk.


What to drink after exercising


So go ahead and drink chocolate milk after running or exercising 🙂

Just remember to choose low fat.

*Picture of chocolate milk drink in poster: (c) Don Farrall / Getty Images


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