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Healthy Eating At Wild Honey

Sometimes it’s hard to make healthy eating choices when you dine outside. The amount of sumptuous sounding and saliva inducing names on the menu makes you want to order everything!

You’ve been there before… You tell yourself:” I shall only order a salad and soup today and say no to dessert.” But when you are there, will power dissolves as friends cajole you into eating (which brings me to a whole new topic on does my eating habits offend you) or you simply give up and decide that healthy eating can wait, “I ‘ll start tomorrow.”

Choose healthy eating! Yes, even when dining out.

It can be done and more often than not, it’s really all about the choices you make. What you sow is what you reap , am sure you heard this before. Put junk into your mouth and you see the results in an expanding waistline, lack of energy and a host of other health issues.

It’s okay to indulge once in a while. Everything in moderation, remember? But when you got too many social activities and they revolve mostly around dinners, brunches and parties, that’s when you got to make smart choices on how to diet effectively. 

So, just the other day, I had two brunches schedule with my gal friends and they both happen to be at Wild Honey, a beautiful place where they serve breakfast all day long. Yum!

With their breakfast categorised according to the speciality of each country like the English, Norwegian or the Aussie, you can be sure that there will be some more fattening than the others.

Healthy eating choice 1

I had The Californian which was scrambled eggs with tofu, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers and fresh herbs accompanied with char grilled ciabatta. I opted for the egg white scramble though. This dish is vegetarian by the way with no meat so I got my protein from the egg whites.

Wild Honey Menu - the Californian

wild honey singapore

Tasted really delicious as the eggs absorbed the flavors of the herbs rather well.

My pal had The Parisienne which is not as healthy and it’s one of those meals you eat in moderation. Tasted really awesome though 🙂

where to go for brunch in SIngapore

Fried egg atop savory french toast stuffed with leg ham, gruyere cheese, and Dijon mustard

Healthy eating choice 2

This time round, I felt like having a little meat so I went for the divine sounding Norwegian breakfast

Poached eggs wrapped with Norwegian Salmon atop whole wheat brioche accompanied by grilled asparagus spears, salmon pearls and hollandaise sauce

Tip: every time you have a salad, always ask for dressing on the side which is what I did with the sauce. A little goes a long way and you won’t be drowning the flavors of the main food that you are eating.

We also had the granola with yogurt and a pumpkin with roasted pine nuts salad to share which suited me just fine 🙂

 So who says you can’t make healthy eating choices that are just as delicious? 🙂

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