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How To Be Healthy – Singapore Health Promotion Board New Digital Tools!

I am so glad the Health Promotion Board has come with new digital tools to help all Singaporeans get fit and healthy! 

Was invited to get to know more about these online tools and I must say they are really great! Got a great healthy recipe book (shall review later) and transfat free bread from Breadtalk.

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Real yum by the way, especially the pumpkin bread. 

I have tried their iDAT (interactive Diet and Activity Tracker) before which is a lot like myfitnesspal where you key in your diet and activity on a daily basis and the app calculates how much calories you have burnt or eaten for the day. 

Anyway, the folks at HPB have come up with healthyMEtv which consists of videos that aims to help people like us on how to be healthy. 

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I think it’s really great for a host of reasons:

1. You can watch it on the go anytime, anywhere.

2. You can use it at the gym as the videos will teach you the correct postures and you can choose which workout you want to do like yoga or strength training. 

3. It focuses not only on physical activity but other interesting stuff like issues on healthy eating, injury prevention, interviews and much more.

4. You save the hassle of going to YouTube to find health and fitness videos. This is a channel dedicated to your specific needs. 

5. It’s free!


There are many other reasons I can think of but I will stop here for now and let the videos do the talking. Although they don’t have the embed video function yet, I think it’s really great to get all these information at your fingertips!


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Check out videos like how to get a muscular body (Guys take note!)  

I liked this one on How to build muscle and burn fat , really informative! There was this part where he said if you are going to eat a snickers and a can of coke despite working out, nothing is going to do it for you.

I mean how true is that! We sometimes sabotage ourselves buy putting junk in our mouth and then we think why we don’t lose weight. Don’t cheat.


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For foodies out there, I also like how they have healthy recipes for local favorites! I mean come on, most other healthy recipes are very ang mo (western) and face it not many people can live without their local fare right? So what better way than to have your cake and eat it.





Below is the view you get from a desktop while the above is what you will see from your smart phone.

Click here for more how to be healthy videos from hpb. I got a feeling this will be my one of my fav health resources soon.

hpb singapore, health and fitness videos, healthy recipes, healthy living, exercise and diet

The second tool that they have is an online health assessment to determine how fit you are. It’s called the Healthy lifestyle index . You can sign up with Facebook to save the hassle of keying in your details and also by doing so, you will be able to tell which of your friends are health freaks like you. Kidding!

But seriously, it will tell you who has taken the assessment and they email a detailed report to you about your lifestyle.

I went to take it and they first asked me to gauge what I thought my health index would be

I put a 6

hpb singapore

Just one of the questions asked


The results? …

Nah not gonna tell you. Shy.. 

But go ahead and take it to see if you are as healthy as you think you are. 


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