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Running With Injury

Well, I haven’t been running as much as I hoped I would be this year due to an injury that hit me in early May.

What happened – I was in the midst of a HIIT when I think I pushed too hard and the next thing I know, I had developed a sharp pain on my left leg that slowly turned into a dull ache even when I was sleeping. It would slowly throb frequently and I hated the feeling. I also hated being out of action and so whenever it showed signs of healing, I would strain it by going out for a run. 

So what happens when you insist on running with injury? 


 I learnt…

1) The injury will prolong itself. Duh. But it’s true! Everytime I delude myself that okay it’s almost recovered, surely a little short 3km wouldn’t hurt.. It does. And it bites you back in the leg. Then you are back to square one and have to wait for it to heal all over again. 

2) I don’t know about you but I love running and being not able to is akin to you might as well cutting off my leg.That said, I learnt that my injury actually allowed me to cultivate lots of patience and be appreciative of what I used to take for granted. There are many people out there who would love to be able to walk. 

3) You start to get runner’s envy and feel frustrated. Maybe that’s just me but I find I start looking at people running past me and think :” I used to be able to do that.” while stubbornly pushing my “trying to heal” legs ;; thinking that some sort of superhuman power in me will somehow surge through and blast past everyone. Reality check. 

4) You find new activities to do. If the die hard in you really needs a workout, I found that just the sheer thought of being inactive pushed me to find other cardio exercises besides running. Low impact exercises work best as they give you a good workout while allowing you not to strain your injury especially if it’s knee pain or shin splints. 

I find that Bikram Yoga is a good low impact exercise that gives me great cardiovascular and strength training benefits at the same time. Check out why I practise Bikram Yoga in Singapore.

Anyway, I decided to miss a few runs like the Northface 100 and the Adidas King of The Road as I really wanted to make sure that they were healed and besides, I don’t wanna strain them again by running such long distances. You have got to ease in and up your mileage slowly. 


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