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How To Make Healthy Burgers

Are there such things as healthy burgers?

So many burger joints have sprouted across our island in recent times. I personally like Burger King’s Mushroom Swiss and Mos Burger’s Fish Fillet but I have not had any this year. (Had no inclination for burgers this year, don’t know why. )

Anyway, sad to say though, most of them are not artery friendly for you. The best way to enjoy your burger is by making your own burger and swapping some of those calorie laden ingredients with healthier choices. 

Benefits of making your own healthy burgers

1. It’s healthier. duh.

2. You will use better quality meat

3. You can control size of your burger. I love to make mini burgers, they are awesome!

4. You can add  more vegetables to meet your quota of recommended daily servings.

5. You won’t feel so guilty or sluggish after eating it since you made the effort to make it healthier.

6. It will taste better because of the good quality ingredients you use. 

Of course there are days when Carls Junior or McDonalds are a must for you. Go ahead and indulge once in a while but if you are craving a burger every other week then this would be a much viable option for you. Take the time to invest in your body, it will thank you for it 🙂

Took this from an old magazine, I think it was called Prevention or something. It shows you great alternatives for a better healthy burgers.

Have you made any healthy burgers before? Share some of your ideas, am running out of mine!


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