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Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 1

I don’t think I can stomach anymore meat for the next few days and technically there are 12 days of Christmas! 

If you have been busy merry making like me and have been feasting on obscene amounts of ridiculously fantastic tasting food then read on. 

I don’t know how you feel but I realise that after a heavy meal at night, I will wake up feeling very lousy. I think it is because your body has to work over time in order to digest all that rich food and instead of getting rest at night, it’s going into overdrive to repair it. 

So I wake up feeling sluggish and puffy eyed due to all that alcohol , salt and sugar. Yes, sugar for me causes really bad water retention. 

The perfect remedy? A three day detox plan

For the next 3 days, I am just going to indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes, the amazing blend of wholesome garden greens had better cleanse my body and restore that much needed balance. I will drink mostly juice for the next two days and might introduce some pureed soup on the 3rd.

Will it lose me any weight? I don’t know. But that is not my aim here, I just want to feel clean on the inside and so for those naysayers who think it’s unhealthy to go on a juice cleanse/fast, to each his own I guess. 

Anyway, if you are interested, I followed some ideas from this book I found at home

juice fast, cleansing fast, detox plans

The Plan

Meal Juice Type
Upon waking  Warm water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar 
Breakfast  Grapefruit and orange juice – High in Vit C – to ward off any incoming flu bug

grapefruit and orange


Lunch  Apple and carrot juice – Antioxidant benefits

ingredients for apple and carrot juice

Dinner  Cucumber with celery – rich in Vit K , promotes good bone health

 celery and cucumber juice

Throughout the day Water with lemon and some green tea 

Supposedly no caffeine would be ideal but I love green tea….

green tea with lemon, 3 day juice, 3 day detox plan, master cleanse diet

Lemon water with green tea – see the little pulps?

3 day detox plan, green tea with lemon, detox drinks , detox juice

Will I get hungry?

Hmm. There is this saying:

“He who eats till he is sick must fast till he is well.”

All I can say is no one has ever died of hunger without food for three days and no one ever regrets eating too little, we all regret eating too much though. 

But so far, I am not the least bit hungry while typing this. Think I really ate too much. Haha.

Day 1 recap:

So far so good, wasn’t feeling hungry at all in the afternoon. Slight sugar cravings though in the night though. Went to toilet more often, think it’s all that liquid…

Tried to go for a run but my shins wouldn’t let me. Think they are still recovering from the HIIT run on Monday.

No angry mood swings or intense cravings of any sort but it’s still too early to say, I still have day 2 and day 3. 

Will do a post on the full three day detox plan after it is done , complete with results and all 🙂 Stay tuned. 

Do think about eating light for the next few days if you can’t do a juice fast. Salads are a good option, hold the dressing though. Have you tried any detox or juice fasts before? or tried to eat light? Do share! 




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