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Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my three day detox plan.

Basically, I am going to have the same thing. Read about Day 1 here. Don’t wanna rack my brains to come up with some fancy juice concoction. Just gonna use what I have in my fridge which are ..

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Day 2 recap:

My sweet friend was telling me that veg juice in the morning is good – kale, celery and bak choy but unfortunately I don’t have all three. So will make do with tomato juice.

I think I like veg juice more than fruit juice, the latter is a tad too sweet and I am trying to cut down on my sugar craving. 

Was slightly more hungry today, especially in the late afternoon but it could be due to the fact that I was out and about compared to staying in yesterday. So I had an extra pineapple with lemon juice, the combination of sweet yet sour was nicely balanced and gave me the extra zest I needed to shop my way through the throngs of people in Orchard Road. 

In the evening, I went for an interval spin class which felt awesome and surprisingly, I was not tired nor was I hungry. I highly suspect that intense exercise always makes me lose my appetite. Went back home and had a cucumber and celery juice with a bell pepper(capsicum) thrown in. That to me tasted the best. If you are thinking ewww.. haha I wouldn’t blame you, it grows on you and the green colour is enough to throw some people off. 

But if you think about it, it’s loaded with wholesome goodness and while you might not like the taste, your body will thank you for it and it’s not as if you drink it everyday 🙂 right?

Anyway, Day 2 wasn’t too bad but I do miss solids. Just a tad. And if you must know, I dropped 1.5kg but I think it’s all the water I have been holding on to the last few days.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 2”

  1. nuttyjas says:

    Kudos to you, babe! I doubt I can ever do a full juice diet ..full on veggies with low GI carbs is more my thing. One of the health/pilates guru that I follow says this…

    :Hey POPsters! If you’re getting really frustrated with dieting, counting calories, and restricting this and that…let me tell you one thing. I really honestly believe that just by trying to eat veggies with every meal and drinking more water every day (I get about a gallon) – you won’t have to worry too much. Your body will start leaning out, your skin will start glowing, and you will look and feel so good. I started focusing on veggies (like legit focusing on eating a variety of them) and I am already starting to see a difference. Really, stop with the dieting and start with the nourishing! What’s your favorite veggie? ” – Blogilates

    Am doing alot more of that now, with that said..I am scheduling a run this weekend! Have a great last 2012 weekend!

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