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Which Yoga Should I Choose

Although I am a huge fan of Bikram Yoga, I realise that not many people share the same enthusiasm when it comes to sweating bucket loads in the hot room.

Some prefer the more gentle Hatha Yoga or other forms of Yoga which include Ashtanga and many others. Personally, I have not done many other classes besides Bikram (See why I choose to practice Bikram Yoga in Singapore) but from the ones that I have done, I concluded that practicing in a hot room suits me best.

Came across this article in a magazine and thought I would put it here for those who are thinking of taking Yoga classes and are thinking to yourself:” Which yoga should I choose?”

 Considering yoga or are you already practicing? Which one is your favourite type of them all?

One thought on “Which Yoga Should I Choose”

  1. roxannegoh says:

    i love bikram & ashtanga!

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