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Drink Coke for A Healthy Lifestyle

Backtrack to a conversation I had with a friend the other day..

We were comparing gym facilities when she mentioned that hers had a drinks dispenser and that among coffee and tea served, they also had coke and other soda.

I was like, are you kidding me? Isn’t coke the last thing you should be drinking after you finish a workout?

Maybe, it’s a vicious cycle. The more you drink, the more you don’t see results and the more you have to go back to the gym to work it off. Smaaart.

Think about it,  a can of coke has zero nutritional value, about 142kcal in a 330ml can and contains about 35 gm of sugar!

According to the Health Promotion Board:

added sugar should contribute to no more than 10% of dietary energy. This translates to approximately 40-55 grams (8-11 teaspoons) daily. This limit includes sugar added to beverages as well as food such as cakes and candies which means you would have consumed your recommended daily intake with just one drink.

Isn’t that awesome? Just one can. Congratulations.


Anyway, I was reading this article about how coke was taking a whole new approach to revamping its brand image by trying to convince the public that its drinks fit right into a healthy lifestyle.

I know that you can enjoy all things in moderation ( I do too) and granted that they do make the calorie count more obvious but by doing so, they still have not addressed the issue that soda is unhealthy and by making cans smaller and calorie markers bigger, they are simply passing the buck on the issue that drinking too much soda leads to undesirable health problems to the consumers themselves who will find that it’s hard to stop at one teeny weeny can or are ignorant of the health implications of drinking too much sugary drinks.

I would like to see advice on cans that drinking excessive amounts of sugar can lead to health problems, just like how you see the ” Smoking Kills” sign on cigarette boxes with their graphic images.

Watch Coke’s new tv ad called – Coming together. It’s pretty convincing actually if you don’t think about it and just lap it all in.


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