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Get Fit at the Library

So I caved in a way today. I was supposed to go for Bikram Yoga but decided to go to the library instead. Hey, sometimes brain is better than brawn okie. 

Truth be told, just felt a tad lazy and I didn’t feel like getting torched at yoga.

As for the library, I love going there, looking at books and realizing that there are countless books that I want to read but don’t have the time to do so.

There are loads of books to be borrowed (not fifty shades of grey though, in case you are wondering because the Library is a family oriented one and our nation has yet to reach the level of open mindedness of letting erotic books of SM hit our shelves). You can get them at Kinokuniya or any other bookstore though, although I must say I don’t know what the fuss is all about. I read it to see what the big hype was and practically skimmed through the entire book. Boring-est book ever.

Anyway, I digress yet again. In case you are wondering what the library has got to do with fitness and health, I would say loads! I love it for the fact it gives me free information. It’s a place where you can get information on topics that range from, fantasy, self-help, toads (haha just wanted to see if you were still reading) and many others. 

How the library helps you get fit?

My favourite of course are the health, sports and nutrition books. Sometimes It’s great to get out there and just run but I think gaining knowledge is a good way of improving your fitness too! Learning the right techniques, training methods and sports nutrition is a good way of exercising smart and getting quicker results. 

These are the ones I borrowed:

Which comes first, Cardio or Weights? – Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D 

Myth busting book that covers a wide range of exercise science and other practical tips using proven science  to improve fitness, reach weight loss goals and achieve better results in competition.

fitness books


Complete Book of Running – Runner’s World (Revised Edition)

I think the name is self explanatory.

complete book of running runner's world review


The Marathon Method – Tom Holland

A 16 week training program that helps you get ready for your marathon. Quick better start now before Standard Chartered at the end of the year. 

marathon training books


and lastly, because I have other interests too…..

Sushi and Tapas – collection of short stories from women all around the world.

books from national library

Will do a review once I read them all. Stay tuned.

What are your favourite books to read?

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  1. super fast and sharp in your write up!

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