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Green Corridor Run Singapore 2013- Race Pack Collection

Just went to Citysquare to collect the Green Corridor Run Singapore race pack that will take place on the 27th Jan 2013. It is supposed to be a nice scenic route along the old Tanjong Pagar Railway station. 

Looking forward to this even though my leg hasn’t recovered because I will be running slow jogging it with my favourite running buddy. We go a long way back and I miss those days where we would do long weekend runs from Upper Thomson Road starting near the Long House hawker centre , all the way to Yishun stadium and back.(ard 21km) That route is great if you want to up your mileage with gentle slopes and there’s not a lot of traffic too. 

The importance of having the right running/workout buddy is crucial as it can make or break your routine, influence the way you exercise and can also determine part of your results. 

But anyway, this post is about the Green Corridor Run Singapore race pack which is one of my first runs in 2013 that I have signed up for.

What’s in it?

No running tee, which I don’t mind as I have loads already. 

Instead, a visor, drawstring bag, race bib, a few discount coupons and a copy of the     I-S magazine. Since this is relatively small scale, I wasn’t expecting much anyway. 

To be honest, I have lots of drawstring bags which come really handy when storing dirty gym clothes, shoes and others.

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Are you running this race? or the Terry Fox Run on the same day?

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