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Healthy Dessert Ideas – Fruit Bites

Close friends know I like dessert. A lot. 

I like baking too but they are not very good for the waist line. So I try to incorporate a little wholesome goodness into these sweet treats. Making your own dessert is better than commercially bought ones, although there are a few good shops/cafes around that use less sugar, low butter, no eggs in their cakes and cookies. 

Very happy to have found one in the new office building that my company has just shifted into. Am so going to buy their CNY cookies, they use only brown sugar and low butter content but taste even nicer (imo) than normal ones. 

Anyway, back to healthy dessert ideas..

I like to come up with recipes that taste good and are healthier than the standard ones. Some I have done quite successfully such as my banana with peanut butter bites idea. So easy to make and satisfies anyone with a sweet tooth. Others include home made granola bars, low fat muffins without butter, etc. But some, I have failed miserably at, like my no sugar, no butter, no egg, chickpea flour with carrots bites. Sounds soooo not appetizing right? What was I thinking?

Thank God for awesome friends willing to put their tummies at risk and giving me their honest to god opinions. 

Therefore, I conclude that a dessert must be a dessert and I relent by not completely omitting every “bad” ingredient that makes a dessert taste so good but try to substitute little changes here and there when I can. 

So, I made fruit bites the other day rather successfully. Yay!

home made prune bites , healthy dessert, fruit dessert

Using no butter, no sugar, no egg at all, you can easily make this and customise it to your preferences.

home made prune bites , healthy dessert, fruit dessert

What you need: (sorry no specific measurement here, I went with my gut feel)

  • Some mashed up prunes (They act as the binder)
  • quick cooking oats- about 1.5 cups 
  • other dried fruit , think apricots, cranberries, raisins, etc (use all or one type)
  • Nuts if you like. 

Combine together and then shape them into little balls, pressing them down a bit to make them look more cookie like. Place on baking sheet for approx 15 min at around 170 deg. Preheat oven first. 

If the “dough” cannot stick, means there is too much oats, add more prunes. 

If it is too sticky, it’s still okie but add a little more oats if prefer. 

Store them in the fridge and enjoy! It can keep for about 2 weeks at least 🙂

home made prune bites , healthy dessert, fruit dessert

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