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Monday Motivation 14/1

Week 2 _ Jan Planned Workout Actual Comments
7th Monday  Spinning YES Didn’t feel like going but did anyway. No regrets!
8th Tuesday Bikram Yoga YES Awesome time stretching away
9th Wednesday Bikram Yoga NO Decided to hit the library instead
10th Thursday  Spinning NO Really didn’t feel like it
11th Friday  Bikram Yoga NO Something came up
12th Saturday  Cardio and Strength training YES Finally hauled my butt to the gym – super slow jog to test the legs and strength training class
13th Sunday REST DAY  REST DAY

I usually plan my workouts so that I know what areas of fitness to concentrate on and to spread them out evenly. This was my workout log for January Week 2, as you can see, not a very fantastic week. Kinda slacked and I don’t know why except that I really didn’t feel like it. To make matters worse, I had two delicious brunches and a buffet dinner yesterday to celebrate a friend’s birthday. 

So this week, I am going to be more committed and stick to what I have planned 


I saw this on twitter the other day:

“I don’t find time to work out, I MAKE time to workout.”

So I will throw whatever excuse I have out of the window and be more focused this week. After all,  I had enough rest last week. 

However, we do know that social commitments and other matters like work can suddenly crop up so don’t beat yourself up if you fail to go for all your exercises, something is better than nothing and even if you didn’t go for any, there’s always next week!

To complement my workouts this week , I decided to try to eat healthier than usual.  Gonna make my own healthy lunches and bring them to work because I really want to regain my fitness level and nutrition is very important in helping me achieve this goal.

Also, by packing my own lunch, I know how much or little of the good stuff is going into my foods. When it comes to eating out, what we think we eat and what we actually eat differs a lot as we are not the ones preparing it.

So here’s some Monday motivation for you and me :

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work out motivation - health and fitness blog singapore

work out motivation - health and fitness blog singapore

work out motivation - health and fitness blog singapore

work out motivation - health and fitness blog singapore

Love this tee!

Will post next week’s workout log if I have the time to do so. Work’s gonna be a little crazy this week. 

So what workouts have you got planned for the week?

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