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Monday Motivation 21/01

Heads up! It’s Monday again, hope you guys enjoyed your weekend.

Over the weekend I headed over to City Square to pick up my race pack for the Green Corridor run that will be held on the 27th January, looking quite forward to do a slow run as I really wanna take photos of the old railway track featured in the course route. Have never explored that side of Singapore before so it would be a good chance to discover a new place.

Definitely feeling more satisfied with myself this last week, as I managed to get in lots of workout done with minimal slacking so to keep the momentum going, I shall endeavor to do the same.

So here’s some Monday motivation and some health and fitness news for you incase you missed out :

1. Free ultra marathons held in Singapore – Popular in the United States and Australia, Fat Ass Runs are non-competitive, fun-based long-distance events with the concept of “No Fees, No Aids, No Awards, No Wimps”, and provide enthusiasts the chance to test their running gear, hydration and nutrition plans and learn how to overcome the dreaded “wall” – the mental barrier when fatigue sets in.

See their FB page here.

2. HAPIfork to monitor what you eat , how fast you are eating and when you eat using sensors in its base. Will it work? I don’t know.


3. is technology making us healthier or more sick 

4. Exercise Motivation Posters!

motivational get fit posters - fight club - brad pitt

motivational posters to get fit 1

Don’t give up, a little goes a long way. And some progress is better than none!

motivational posters to get fit 2

Oh and this was taken on Friday. Apparently, I was “caught” eating bad carbs and fried chicken and they wanted to document the evidence. Better post first before they do. You guys know who you are! 

Posted this to give myself some Monday motivation to work hard during the week! Enjoy your meals, fatty or not, just make sure you eat in moderation 🙂 

Happy Monday everyone!


I enjoy good food too okie! Just not in excess 🙂

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