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Monday Motivation & Weekly Round Up – 28/01

Hey everyone, how did your weekend go? 

Had a great time with my gfs on Saturday. Been quite a while since we last saw each other, so the birthday party of one of our batch girl’s daughter was a reason to catch up.

Wanted to go for the green corridor run but I have been having spasms and my whole foot cramps into a ball and twitches uncontrollably for the past few days so I very reluctantly had to give it a miss.

Think am going to really lay off running for a while. Maybe I should concentrate more on climbing…

It’s twitching and curling as i speak.

Went to buy my new iphone instead as the old one was on the brink of death. Dread trying to arrange my itunes library though…  Shall do it another day.

Anyway, so as usual, some monday motivation, health and fitness news for you guys:

  • A new running device called the Milestone Pod – that tracks your mileage on your shoes so that you can maximise the use of your shoes thus preventing injury (change too late) or preventing wastage on thread (change too fast)



milestone pod

pretty neat huh


“The most obvious intervention against sarcopenia is exercise in the form of resistance training,” said Professor Jean-Philippe Bonjour, co-author and Professor of Medicine at the Service of Bone Diseases, University of Geneva. “However, adequate nutritional intake and an optimal dietary acid-base balance are also very important elements of any strategy to preserve muscle mass and strength during aging.”


And of course, funny motivation memes!

fitness and diet meme


fitness meme


fitness meme


 Even my pet can do more push ups then you!

Happy Monday everyone.

One thought on “Monday Motivation & Weekly Round Up – 28/01”

  1. Wan Cheng says:

    Hope you are not having anymore foot cramps since then!

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