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My 3 Day Detox Plan

I recently did a 3 Day Detox Plan as I had been eating too much of late. I blame it on the unavoidable year-end revelry that always consists of too much fatty delicious food and bad judgment.

I felt that I had to rid my body of the sluggish and heavy feeling that was encamping especially around my waist.

Found the perfect solution after watching this inspiring movie – click here to watch the movie and benefits of juice fasting

About the movie: This true documentary is about Australian Joe Cross who turned his life around by drinking only juice for 60 days. He was really sick before that, having to take steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. But all that changed after he got serious with his health and along the way, helped and inspired many people to do the same.

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So I decided to do a 3 Day Detox Plan which consisted of drinking just vegetable (mainly) or fruit juice for 3 days.

Read Day 1 here

Read Day 2 here

Read Day 3 here

This is for anyone who is feeling a bit heavy or tired. Side Bonus: I lost around 2kg but I think it might be water weight. Anyway that’s not the point. My purpose was to not feel icky and sick from all that food that I had eaten.

Note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist whatsoever, I simply just listen to my body and do what I feel it’s right for me and am just documenting and sharing my journey here. Do consult your doctor if need be.

The 3 Day Detox Plan:

Substitute your breakfast, lunch and dinner with juice for 3 days straight. If you are feeling hungry, a small additional glass of juice in the afternoon is fine too.  See full example of Day 1 on what I drank. I prefer vegetable juice though as it contains less sugar.

Some examples here too:

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Add lemon juice if you want more a zestier taste

juice fast drink, detox drink,

This was one of my fav – celery and cucumber juice, really refreshing, add some mint leaves if you like!

carrot and apple juice

 Carrot and apple juice – for those with a sweeter tooth 

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I usually use grapefruit, orange and lemons in my morning juice – make up the ratio according to your taste buds, I like to use more grapefruit and lemons in mine

Basically, just use your favourite fruits and vegetables to customise a juice for yourself. Note the sugar content on the fruit though. Some vegetables juice better than others. I found leafy vegetables hold less water than celery or cucumbers. Bell peppers are a good choice to use too!

What to expect (according to my experience but everyone’s body is not the same )

Day 1 – did not feel hungry, maybe cos I really overate. On the whole, felt really good and positive. 

Day 2 – Lost 1 kg- but i think it was all the water. Still feeling okie, slightly hungry in late afternoon where I had an extra glass of juice. Had energy to go for gym classes.

Day 3 – Lost another 0.5kg, went back to work, felt hungry towards lunch time but I waited till lunch to get my juice and brought another one back to the office. 

At the end of it, I lost another 0.5kg which means after 3 days a total of 2kg, half of which is water weight really. But my tummy was noticeably flatter which made me a very pleased person. Even my friend commented so. However, if you want to lose weight, this is not a solution in the long run ok. This is just to eat clean for three days after your festive bingeing.

healthy eating motivation

What if I get hungry?

Sometimes it’s mind over matter. I feel that whatever you set your mind to it, you can achieve. Visualise yourself being much healthier after the three days. And one of my favourite sayings is this:

“He who eats till he is sick, must fast till he is well.” – English Proverb

Besides, you can always drink a glass of vegetable juice in between. The whole purpose is just drinking juice for  three days.

Can I drink any other stuff?

For day 1, I actually had squeezed lemon juice and some green tea mixed with a lot of water throughout the day. Drinking lots of water is essential.

Can I exercise?

Depends, I am not sure of your fitness level so I would advise to play it by ear. Listen to your body. If you are feeling faintish or have low energy levels, the last thing you want to do is push yourself by doing strenuous activities right? 

For me, I have been exercising consistently so I felt fine enough to go about with my regular workouts. 

What if I want to juice fast for more than 3 days?

Again, it’s up to you but see a doctor if you are not sure. For me, I thought 3 days was a nice reboot for my system and might consider doing a juice fast one day per week for 2013. That said, I am still considering, haha. 

But seriously, I never felt better during those three days than I did eating all that rich food before. Delicious as they tasted, they left me feeling horrible for days after. 

Are you going to juice fast? or have you done one before? What are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “My 3 Day Detox Plan”

  1. Wei says:

    Hi, I’ve just came across your juice fast and would like to give it a try too. What is right amount if juice to consume for each meal? For day one, you actually consume only lemon juice with water, I thought lemon is acidic, will it actually cause gastric pain?

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Hi Wei, sorry for the late reply, just came back from a trip. it depends on how you feel really, for day 1, I had lemon juice and with water IN ADDITION to the juices. Lemon juice is acidic as a fruit, but inside the body however, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of the blood (pH above 7 is alkaline). I usually drink 300-400ml of juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner (most vegetable juices though). hope that helps!

  2. Paleorina says:

    I have that documentary bookmarked to watch! Actually, did he mention anything about consuming smoothies instead of juices? If I were to do this, I would drink smoothies instead of just juices. You get more bang for your buck with the added fibre and nutrients.

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Nope, just juices. But in my opinion, I prefer smoothies too and they can keep longer! Just bought a blender and am experimenting with lots of recipes. Totally agree on your point about added fibre and nutrients. 🙂 The only reason why I did the juicing was that I really wasn’t hungry and just felt icky inside due to festive bingeing..

      1. Paleorina says:

        Ya I replaced my blender recently too. Was using Philips but it broke after one year. So I bought a KMix blender ($200 plus). Sounds expensive but seems quite value for money compared to Vitamix/Blendtec ($1000), which all the serious smoothie makers seem to have. Anyway good job on your fasting! Hope to hear more updates on your blender 🙂

        Take care!

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