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Sponsored: What Supplements Should I Take For My Liver?

The following is an interview with someone (female, aged 31) who has had first hand experience with liver health issues. Hope you gain some insight from this:

Qn 1:  What condition was your liver diagnosed as?

I was diagnosed with suggestive liver hardening/liver inflammation


Qn 2 : How did you find out? Did you have any symptoms?

For three weeks, I had stomach bloating and no appetite to eat. Initially, I thought that it was due to my gastric condition so I put off seeing a doctor until I realized my skin, especially my eyes were turning yellow! As my family has a history of liver cancer, it suddenly occurred to me that it might have something to do with my liver.


Qn 3 :What did you do about it?

So, I went to see a liver specialist and through an ultrasound and liver test, I discovered I had a liver inflammation and suggestive liver hardening. I was prescribed with liver supplements for a week and advised to get plenty of rest and to change my lifestyle.


Qn 4: What were the changes made to your lifestyle?

Due to juggling work, studying part time and my social life, I led a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. I used to keep late nights and had unhealthy eating habits such as chowing on fast food or even skipping my meals when I got too busy. I seldom did any exercise too

So, I changed my lifestyle to sleeping early and took up jogging and Bikram Yoga in an effort to get a healthy lifestyle. I also cut down on oily and fatty food and ate healthier options such as yong tau foo and fish soup. I also start taking supplements to condition my body.


Qn 5:  How was liver talk beneficial to you? What did you learn most from it?

It was enriching to know the importance of liver as it has over 499 functions in our body. I find that it is often neglected as people only focus on other organ such as the heart and kidney. The talk made me realise that I  cannot take my liver for granted and I have to take care of it consistently by taking smaller meals with lesser oily/ fried food and through regular exercise. Maintaining a work life balance will be ideal for me as a stressful life and lack of sleep/ rest can also stress my liver again.


Qn 6: How do you think Essentiale will benefit you?

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, I believe that supplements such as Essentiale will benefit me as it will supports the vital functions of the liver. As each capsules contains 300 mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs), it will replace and regenerate the phospholipids in our liver cell membranes which were damaged by my unhealthy lifestyle of eating fatty foods or by intake of too much medication or by infection from certain viruses. It is reassuring to find a trusted brand of liver supplements to take as there are so many on the market right now and I was not sure what supplements should I take for my liver.

 what supplements should I take for my liver.


This interview was made possible by Sonafi – the company which makes Essentiale Forte N (Supplements to protect the liver).

I was invited to a round table session to discuss the importance of liver health at LP+Tetsu, a French-Japanese fine dining restaurant helmed by one michellin star chef Laurent Peugeot (read the review here)
It was an interactive and informative session where liver expert, Dr Law Ngai-Moh (Consultant Gastroenterologist and Internal Medicine Physician Raffles Hospital) would share his expert tips on how to celebrate the season without worrying about liver health risks, and would talk about the signs that may seem common but are actually symptoms of poor liver health such as muscle aches and pains, unusual weight loss or weight gain, excessive tiredness, and even varicose veins.

Now i had already written a previous post on how to take care of your liver but after getting to know more, I feel that I should share what I learnt from Dr Law

Apparently, even for those who do not drink, you can have liver damage if you eat too much fatty food! As your liver is the organ that generates bile to help you digest the food, eating too much rich food means you are over working your liver by sending it into overdrive.

He stressed that prevention is always better. As you can see from the above interview, I invited my friend along to the session and interviewed her thoughts thereafter.

what supplements should I take for my liver

what supplements should I take for my liver

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