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How to Run – Beginner’s Guide

Like Nike, it’s easy to say Just Do It but what if you have never run before or have not done so for a long time? How do you start? For runners, it’s simple, lace up and go but for beginners starting out, there may be apprehensions abound.

So here are 5 Ways on How to Run – Beginner’s Guide

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Wear something that you will be comfy in, nothing too tight or loose that will make you feel self conscious. If not you will be tugging at it most of the time. I made the mistake once of wearing a too short top , and while running, it kept riding up and exposing my belly, and I kept tugging at it. In the end, I got so annoyed that I cut my run short and went home.


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Get the right pair of shoes, proper shoes! Cheap doesn’t mean good if it doesn’t fit your foot type, Eg: high arch, flat feet. Back then, I ran a 10km event with the wrong shoes and that left me with a black toenail that fell out eventually and took 6 months to grow back. Ouch. 


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Think about why you want to run. Lose weight? Keep fit? Write it down and slowly work towards it. Often people start out enthusiastically but lose momentum when they don’t see any progress after a week or so.

It takes longer than that to see results. You could set goals by distance or time and increase it slowly. A good rule of the thumb is to increase mileage by 10% each week. For starters, you could tell yourself to run do a 2 min run, 2 min walk set for 5 times which equals to a 20 min workout.

Where to run



Think about where you would like to run. Is there a park nearby that you always wanted to go to? Or it could just be the pavements around your neighbourhood? Go somewhere you are familiar with. The stadium is a good place to start. I have 3km, 5km, 10km and even 21km routes stashed in the back of my mind and simply pick one according to the distance I feel like which is usually the 10km. There are many apps like Mapmyrun and Runkeeper to help you track your progress. 


The treadmill is a good place to start as you can control your intensity by setting your speed, time and incline. It is a great option when it rains or when you don’t feel like running outdoors.

*I know some people who prefer the treadmill as they love to monitor the numbers as it keeps them going and don’t like the sun, it’s true! Personally for me, there is nothing I like better than the feel of fresh air brushing against my face and I like to explore different routes as I need variety.

indoor running, running on a threadmill fail

running fail

When to run


Some people are absolute morning birds while others only come alive in the evenings. Plan to run at a time where you feel the best. Just because someone wakes up at 6am to run doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Trying to be like others will only make you feel demotivated. I used to love running late at night but then I tried running in the morning and didn’t find it all that bad too! That said, still a night bird at heart. Chirp 🙂

Who to run with

funny fitness posters, fitness memes

This is entirely up to you, get a friend to run with you if you are lonely phobic or you could choose to wing it yourself. I usually run alone but at the same time I have running kakis who I like to run long distances with. 

I hope that after reading this, you wanna go running soon. I know I do! It really is one of the most convenient exercises to embark on, all it requires is some time, your willingness to try and a pair of shoes. No fancy equipment needed. 


Thanks for reading! 

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2 thoughts on “How to Run – Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Mark G says:

    LOVE this!

    Re treadmills – this is the pro way 😉

    And blacknail polish will take care of those ugly black toenails 😉

    Seriously, size up at least half a size – should be a thumb width between your big toe and front of shoe. This is to allow your feet to swell. This is NOT a time to insist you are ALWAYS a size 5!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Very nice, thanks for sharing, the vid’s awesome! Yeah, learnt my lesson well 🙂

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