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Infograph on Common Running Injuries

It’s been quite sometime since I last did posted an infograph¬†so I thought it would be good idea and timing to post this one up on common running injuries. Go away plantar fasciitis!

Happy to say it’s almost healed now, fingers crossed that it will be in time for the JP Morgan Run, Nike She Runs Singapore and one more secret event that I will be doing but no one knows except a select few ūüôā

I don’t understand human stubbornness sometimes. When we I feel a pain, I tend to ignore it thinking that if i just run through it, it will somehow miraculously go away. it’s only when it becomes really bad that I regret not curbing the issue in the first place. In my defence, I think I am not the only one to do so ok….

Maybe cos we are in denial, that our body will somehow heal itself or maybe its like sweeping things under the carpet, we hope it goes away by ignoring the issue rather than dealing with it and it comes biting us back in the a** without fail. 

So if you have an injury or feel that something is not right, get it treated now. 

infograph on running, infograph on running injuires

Has anyone sustained any injuries when doing the sports they love particularly running? What happened and how did you heal it?

Thanks for reading! 

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