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Magic March

I don’t like to call them challenges but rather goals or targets. Challenge sounds really intimidating and hostile. 

For February, I actually sought to take a photo everyday.(read why “challenging” yourself is good for you) I think I might have missed one or two days but made up for it by snapping more the next. Here’s a collage I made of the happy snapshots I took. 

IMG_9352 IMG_9326 IMG_9317 IMG_9310 IMG_9265 healthy breakfast ideas, protein pancakes, protein pancake recipe

 So for March, I am going to give up…..drumroll pls……. sugar/junk food. I know I have been eating well most of the time but when night comes, I snack a lot! This is bad. I need to stop. Also, I want my injury to heal quickly and I am under the impression that sugar causes inflammation, which is not I want for my already inflamed plantar fascia.

plantar fascia

So by putting it down on paper, I can stay committed to my cause. Gonna call it Magic March because I intend to see some “magic” happening 🙂

boom gif

What I aim to cut out:

All cake, cookies, chocolate, breads, white starches, fried and oily food

I have a feeling I am going to be rather cranky the first week or so as my body accustoms to the new changes.

feel like fainting gif

Reasons for this drastic change:

– Am so sick and tired of being injured that I will do anything I can to help heal myself. 

– I can’t really exercise much (only low impact sports) so nutrition is something I can do better in

– I want to see just exactly how much someone’s body can change by cutting out junk, seen so many photos but never really did it myself

– enough is enough, I need to lose the pounds I gained last year and it’s not funny when you can’t wear 3/4 of your wardrobe. 


I might look okie to you, you probably think I don’t need to lose weight but when you yourself know how much you have gained, you do it for yourself and not others. You want to return to your best or become better 🙂

Thanks for reading! 

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