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Colour Run Singapore 2013


*UPDATED 27 JUNE: , the link to register will be released tmr at noon on their FB Page . A little birdie also told me that the entry fee is $50.

For more information about the run, check out my friend, Isaac’s blog, he was invited to their press con and has more details 🙂

*UPDATED 21 JUNE: Its coming! Sat and Sun 17-18 AUG! Check it out here  

When I saw that The Colour Run was coming to Singapore. Check out the Facebook Page of the Colour Run Singapore here.


What is the Colour Run Singapore all about?

Known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, it is a celebration of healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community. Sounds just right up my alley!

Participants are doused from head to toe in different colours at every kilometer of the 5k run which is untimed by the way (no pressure, yay!) A “Colour Festival” awaits at the end line which uses colour powder to create lots of memorable photo snapping opportunities.  

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Details are not out yet, but I love the concept of it already. We need more fun and interesting runs to jazz up the running scene in Singapore, don’t you agree?

Are you excited already?

Personal thoughts:

I love how more novelty runs in Singapore are sprouting up this year. The Zombie run ( race the dead sg ) is another one of them. I realised that almost every other month, there is some sort of race going on and while that is fine, it gets tired after a while and not to mention a bit tough on the pocket with entry fees not being cheap either. 

So am scaling back on participating and only going for those that appeal to me and more overseas races too. 🙂

Anyone going for the colour run or zombie run?

Thanks for reading! 

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One thought on “Colour Run Singapore 2013”

  1. Lerie Grace says:

    I”m excited for the color run! I’ve heard about it and glad they’ll have it here. Keep us updated! thanks 🙂

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