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Why We All Need a Break Sometimes – Part 1

Life can be hard. It can be overwhelming and makes you feel like being down in the dumps everyday.



But it can also uplift your spirits, make you fall in love and be happy.

giggly shit

I marvel at the mammoth range of emotion humans can have and experience. Why are some chirpier than others and why do some look as if they perpetually have something stuck in their hiney?

Are you stuck in a rut? I realise that sometimes we all need a break from whatever we are doing at the moment. Something to reset our routine so that life doesn’t seem so monotonous. I strongly believe that situations that we deem bad at the moment will ultimately work out for our good. (Someone once said to me, hindsight is 20/20) Take for instance, my injury that forced me to the sidelines when it came to running. It made me take up other sports 🙂 (like my triathlon – read about it here )

Meanwhile, here are the benefits of taking a break:

1. Change in a routine is good, it allows us to re-energise 🙂 Do something different during the weekend instead of your usual activities.

what others tell me their weekend is for 2

Binge eating during weekend not advisable though

2. We learn new things. Taking a break allows us to pursue new or forgotten interests. Things we always wanted to do but put aside because we couldn’t or wouldn’t.

3. See things from a different perspective. Ever study so hard or worked on a project when you are tired only to look at it the next day and find glaring mistakes that you couldn’t see the day before?

Take a break if you have been focusing on something for too long. Having a good rest allows us to clear our minds and synergise.

4. It recreates a new found love for the thing/interest you have a passion for. Ever lost a zeal for something you thought you loved? Taking a break from it allows you to (see no.2), and when you resume what you loved doing, often we say to ourselves:” I’ve forgotten how much I loved this!”

5. Because sometimes we all need some me time. Alone time. Time to zen and do nothing at all.

I dont want to do anything today!

Whether you are forced to take breaks or simply decide to have one, they should always leave you feeling rejuvenated than you were before.

I felt pretty relaxed taking a good break from all that running I used to do,exploring other stuff…. It totally rejuvenated me and now I am ready to get back to it with renewed vigor!

What do you need to take a break from ? 

Thanks for reading! 

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