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How Workout Gear Can Motivate You

So the other day, I went for my personalised session with Nike Running Singapore. In the session, they shared with me tips on how to start preparing for the Nike She Run Singapore and equipped me with awesome gear to get me started and boy, I can tell you there is nothing more motivating than awesome and pretty workout clothes 🙂

I also had customised training plans (based on my fitness level) for week 1 to week 4 (The run is in a months time, panic mode a bit) cos I haven’t been running due to injury but am sure that if I am diligent enough, I will reap results and enjoy the run. 

Click on the photos to see what a good workout plan to prepare for a 5 km run looks like. Although in my opinion, I think this can also prepare one for a 10km too.

I think having a plan for whatever event you are preparing for is a good thing. It gets you more focused instead of doing workouts as and when you feel like it. Also, it helps you track your progress as time goes by.

So for me, I have lots of swimming to do and awesome workouts from NTC which is Nike Training Club, an app you can download to use like a personal trainer (save money!)

Now for the fun part:

Love the gear they provided! Sans the shoes, cos it was the wrong size but I am going to get them this week 🙂 

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The answer to how workout gear can motivate you?

nike summer collection 2013

1. Well, firstly it makes me want to be fit asap so that I can look better in them 

2. More clothes means I have to wear them more often which means no excuses of having nothing to wear when working out

3. Whenever I get new workout clothes, I can hardly wait to use them. So that means, a confirmed workout session will take place. Just like the day I got the gear.

health and fitness blogger singapore

Love the bag as I am a big fan of roomy totes and this is pretty enough for outside the gym too

nike gym bag

4. When you look good, you feel good too right? So the right workout gear won’t leave you feeling ugly, unmotivated and frumpy. Trust me, sometimes when I wear an item that doesn’t fit well or is so not flattering, I get rather self-conscious and want to cut short my exercise. 

Do you agree? What’s your fav workout attire? 

Thanks for reading! 

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3 thoughts on “How Workout Gear Can Motivate You”

  1. lecoquelicot says:

    I agree completely! I just bought new shoes (New Balance Minimus 10v2) to supplement my Vibrams. I was so excited I went for a mega run last night!!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      oooh nice! i am in the midst of trying out a few new shoes too, the NIke free 5.0, puma’s mobium and reebok sublite. Can’t decide 🙂

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