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MetaSprint Series 2013 Triathlon Singapore

Yes, mission accomplished. I did what I set out to do a few months ago when my colleagues and I decided on a whim to join the MetaSprint Series 2013. Never mind that we I was a weak swimmer, after all, running is what I love. But on the other hand, I was determined to learn how to swim the front crawl properly and I wasn’t sure that within two months I could, but I would try. 

I remember telling a close friend that my aim was to swim at least 10 laps front crawl non stop and a look of concern came across her face and she told me that it was a very hard and tiring thing to do. I have her to thank, all the more I am determined to reach that goal by the end of the year (love my friends). So far, progress has been good. Also, I remember how someone used to laugh at me (although it was not out of malice but more of amusement), and he would try so hard to teach me but I always seemed NOT to get it. I still am trying to correct my strokes though but I can safely say that I can swim better now. 🙂

check out my bling haha

metasprint medal singapore

Anyway, the sun was really good to us. It was scorching hot when we arrived at the bag drop. I proceeded to collect my rental bike and head on to the transition area to set up and then amid some confusion, I finally found my way to the body marking station and then the start point. 

Looking out at the sea, I was psyching myself up:” I can do this… It doesn’t seem that far…. The swim leg is the shortest part… Don’t kill yourself….”

The horn sounded and off we went into the water, Changi sea water doesn’t taste good fyi but the experience was better than expected. I was surprisingly calmer than expected. After getting out of the water, I ran to the transition area to get my bike. 

In all honest opinion, I think the bike leg was tougher than swimming! Maybe because I was using a rental and wasn’t used to it and also because I don’t really cycle that much apart from the occasional leisure ride and spin class. I remember thinking to myself that I hope the bike leg would be over soon. 

IMG_0446My rental and my trusty shoes. I decided not to use any of the new pairs I got as I haven’t really tried them out yet. Now is not the time to be adventurous to try new shoes. 

Then came my favorite part, the run. Initially, my legs felt a tad heavy and I found myself panting quite heavily, but I know myself. I am a slow starter when it comes to running and true enough, after the U-turn , I found my rhythm. I always practice negative splits (check out how to run smart and enjoy your race here). It’s a pity they do not allow headsets though… Some music would’ve been nice. 

Running towards the finish, the crowd was pretty encouraging and that helped too. And that was how I finally completed my tri! 

metasprint triathlon singapore 2013


with a smile of satisfaction, yay!

metasprint tri sg

above and below: we work together, we play together 🙂

triathlon singapore


metasprint singapore 2013


We then went for a very hearty and well deserved meal at Changi Village Hawker. Nothing was better than minced pork noodles at that point in time.

Anyone took part? Or in other tri events? Do share photos and experiences with me!

Thanks for reading! 

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11 thoughts on “MetaSprint Series 2013 Triathlon Singapore”

  1. isaac976 says:

    wah boh jio 🙁

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Next one lah 🙂 I totally need your guidance man

  2. mtganzer says:

    Nice job!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      thank you! Still a total noob at this

      1. mtganzer says:

        we were all all a noob at it one time or the other. Next step, I suggest checking out a road bike 😉

        1. Sheryl Goh says:

          yeah! so expensive though but I guess it will be worth the investment 🙂

  3. ian says:

    good job on your first triathlon. Hope the thrill of racing in a triathlon have left a better taste than our yummy changi sea water.

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Thank you for stopping by. I am guessing you love doing these events? Yeah, the seawater could be better but not complaining, its all part of the experience 🙂

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