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Because it’s NOT Always about Timing or Winning – Run for Life 2013 Singapore

Ever heard Whitney Houston’s – The Greatest Love of all? (one of the all time favorite Karaoke songs people sing)

A part of the song goes like this:

I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of pride to make it easier

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

It Starts Young

I don’t know about you, but I would say my childhood was a little less average than your normal household monetary wise.  Emotionally though, I am thankful that I grew with the love of my mum and sister and even though we might have been lacking in some ways, I never felt deprived, envious or longed for what my other “richer” classmates had.

Quite happy without a Barbie doll until the age of 11 where I was given one as a present (think the person must have thought that little girls need dolls) , but the tomboy in me didn’t really like playing with dolls. Instead I loved to spend my time running around all the time, playing catch, rounders, racing and all that with the neighborhood boys which were my best friends then.

The point is I think children don’t need the best toys money can buy but company and friendship are so important. Having love all around you from family and friends is what fills you up.

Love is more important the Money

I like running. Even more so for a great cause. Children should get all the help and guidance they can and when the good people at Life Community Services Society invited me to promote this cause, I readily agreed.

What is Run for LIFE 2013

Run for LIFE is a charity run organised by Life Community Services Society, a registered non-profit charitable organisation, and presented by their title sponsor, Noel Gifts. Run for LIFE is a charity run which aims to raise funds to sustain programmes, raise awareness and support these children who are often in disadvantaged situations, like Sam.

Why Run and Help?

Because you are good people!

No, but seriously.. 

They aim to raise $400, 000 to defray the costs of their four programmes which reach out to more than 950 clients from different races and religions. Reaching out to mainly disadvantaged children and at risk youths, they also hope to create awareness in support of children with incarcerated parents like Sam*, who lost his mummy at a young age and suffered sexual abuse. 

Show your Support :

Although registration is closed and they have enough volunteers for the event, you CAN still show your support by donating or being a partner if you are part of an organisation that is passionate about making the children’s life better. 

Contact details for partnership : [email protected]

Race Details:

Date: 8 Jun 2013
Time: 7am to 12pm
Location: East Coast Park – Angsana Green

Flag-off Timings:

7.00am 10 km
8.00am Kids Dash8.00am: 7 & 8 Years old

8.15am: 9 & 10 Years old

8.30am: 11 & 12 Years old

9.00am 3.8km Walk & Jog 

Please help spread the word and share this article or encourage your friends to donate to a good cause. 

Much Love


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