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Easy Protein Pancake Recipes – Delish, Healthy and Quick to Make

The other day I was experimenting with some recipes for protein pancakes and had some success! Bear in mind though,these taste more proteiny than pancakey as I didn’t add in sugar. For sweetness, you could smear peanut butter, honey , jam or maple syrup to taste. 


My protein pancakes topped with banana, drizzle of honey and peanut butter on the base and some nuts


You only need 4 ingredients for this Protein Pancake recipe!

1 cup soy milk

2 egg whites (adding egg yolk will make it less hard)

4 scoops protein powder (I choose plain but I think vanilla flavor will give you a sweeter taste)

4 tablespoons of oats

Blend everything together and then pour into pan and cook till brown on one side and flip over. 

ingredients for protein pancakes

Option: add blueberries or choc chips for extra decadence 🙂

             add fruit or some sweetener if using plain protein powder


Easy Protein Pancake Recipe 2 – Berry and chocolate flavor

1 Cup Soy Milk / Normal Milk / Chocolate Milk

4 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder

4 Tablespoons of oats

2 egg whites 

Fresh strawberries freshly chopped

chocolate protein pancake recipe

Some notes:

I used soy milk cos I am quite lactose intolerant 

I am trying to cut down sugar hence I prefer my pancakes with a plainer taste, you can always add in sugar if you want or stevia

You can freeze the cooked pancakes using any sunshine or gardenia bread packaging and thaw only what you need for a quick breakfast

Let your imagination go wild, experiment with other fruits, toppings and more 🙂

Share your experiments with me! I want to hear how your pancakes turned out!


Thanks for reading! 

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