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How my Massage Left Me Broken

According to my massuer, that’s what I am. Here I was, happily going for a much needed massage, albeit the soreness I felt in my body which I was sure would go away under Lisa’s skillful hands. 

Tucked away in a non-descript corner in town, not many people know about this super cheap massage, $72 for 1 hour body, 1 hour foot reflex? What can I say, in high cost living Singapore, this is a gem of a find! The massage left me feeling lighter and less tense but emotionally, I am beginning to feel as if I have more problems than when i first stepped in. 

mixed emotions

Mixed emotions

Bad alignment

Anyway, back to Lisa… I had been having leg problems which I won’t delve into at the moment, but if you read my other posts and do some sleuthing, you will find out the cause cos you are clever like that. So, I had bump like lumps which were irritating the hell out of my left calf. Every time, I foam rolled it, my toes on my left foot would twitch continuously which according to her, I had problems which stemmed from the waist or spine which is totally legit as my chiro said the same thing. Double confirmation, I feel great now knowing I have alignment issues. 

Personality traits

Not only is Lisa wonderful at honing in on my problematic areas, she also could tell I was impatient and fidgety. Really? I concede to a certain extent. I can’t sit still, my mind is always churning and my idea of a perfect job would involve intense physical labour. It says somewhere that sitting more than 6hours a day decreases your mortality rate by 30%. Google it, its true! She also told me that i like to do things quick and fast and that is why the muscles in my body are so tensed up all the time. Hmm…

Shoulder issues

Then I had shoulder issues. I had tendonitis a long time back which never really healed so my joints were creaky and I wake up in pain during cold weather. Yikes. This is because I have a weak back and is causing my neck to be so painful. Sigh. If this is what i am now, wonder how those people in retirement feel? I am being made to feel as if i put my body through years and years of physical abuse when all I did was be active in sports and had a very physically demanding job in my younger days which involved  irregular sleeping patterns and carry heavy stuff.

Water rentention

Which led her to say that I had bad water retention due to all the toxins that were stubbornly stuck in my body thus blocking proper lymphatic drainage. Her advice? Drink more WARM water throughout the day and less at night. Super surprised to find out that I had water retention in my arms though when all along it was my legs where I felt the worst. 

Weak arms and hands

But the worst was when she was massaged my arms and hands. With every stroke I could feel as if my whole arm was bruising and yelped in pain. I learnt that its the way we use the computer with our hands resting in a bent position all the time which leads to an abnormalcy we hardly give a thought to until its too late. That explains why i have trouble carrying the disc weights in Bodypump.

Other stuff:

  1. very cold hands and feet
  2. bad circulation
  3. weak back 
  4. broken ankle before 
  5. weak wrists

The list is long and I feel broken! If I am feeling that now when I think I am active and fit, what then when I am grey haired? Is this the price we pay for pushing our bodies to the limits of our physical ability? Lisa may be no doctor, but she is tremendously good at locating and ironing all the kinks I had in my body but the price I pay is that I am left feeling morose at the end of the session.

Come to think of it, all these happened when I switched to an office job. Perhaps it’s really not for me. The whole 9 -6 sitting down thingy. Looks like I will be visiting Lisa quite often.

 You probably would tell me not to worry so much, that its not that bad. But how many of you actually have had chronic aches that never seem to go away? I think massage is a good way to alleviate the pain for a while, but if it continues then surely there is something that we are doing wrong and we just gotta find out what it is that is causing that painful creak in the neck, the backache that won’t go away… 

So eat well, play hard but rest even harder. Sleep is important and so is family. Choose to be happy and slowly, I believe your body will be kind to you if you are kind to it first. 


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