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Nike She Runs Race Pack Collection – Singapore 2013

Over the weekend, I headed down to Raffles City for the Nike She Runs Race Pack Collection. Can’t believe that it’s only 1 week away. Even though it’s 5 km, I don’t know why I’m pretty excited about this race. 🙂 

Anyway, kudos to Nike for organising it to be a smooth affair. With race pack collections normally held at Velocity, the choice to hold it at Raffles City somewhat puzzled me at first but I then realised it was because they needed the space as they had brought in Master Nike trainer Marie Purvis who designed the workouts you see in the Nike Training Club app to conduct training session during the collection dates.


There was plenty of action going on for the participants. I like how there was a customisation booth where you could go and merge your face with selected animals like lion, tiger and leopard to create your own Run Unleashed personalised tee. 

nike singapore, nike she runs sg


nike custom tee for nike she runs

nike she runs tee 2013, nike running tee

Here’s mine, rawr!

Also, there was this section where you could run on a treadmill for a number of minutes in order to qualify to get a chance to try and win a shoe from the pick and win machine. Seeing how flexible the shoes are, I think it’s hard to win but i heard that people actually did managed to do so!

Nike she runs race pack collection


nike free

Besides those, you could also purchase shoes, gear and other stuff to aid you in your running quest. I was so tempted to get some items but I was in a rush. Oh well, maybe next time.



So here’s what in the bag..

race packs, running race packs, nike singapore, nike she runs sg

Not much really, but the quality of the stuff given was good, (quality over quantity in this instance) like the dri fit tee whose material is of higher standard than the usual race tees and the water bottle (lucky I didn’t buy one the other day). You also get a finisher tee at the end of the race, not bad right? Also, I liked the fact that the bib number is printed on the tee instead of us having to secure it using safety pins. This prevents those unsightly holes that the pins make when you have to unpin them again and again to make sure its put on nicely. 

So how do you track your time? 

In the pack is this thing called a D tag where you secure it unto your shoelaces. I doubt anyone is going for timing though, at least not for me. This is a fun run 🙂 Unleashed. I intend to take many photos and my own sweet time. 

nike timing chip for nike she runs

Event Information:

running singapore, she runs sg

nike she runs race route singapore 2013

And of course, not forgetting… can’t wait to run in my Nike Frees…

nike free sports shoes, minimalist running

shoe review coming up soon!

What are some of your favorite race packs?

Thanks for reading! 

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5 thoughts on “Nike She Runs Race Pack Collection – Singapore 2013”

  1. Tom S says:

    I’m coming up with a new product that can help people with muscular pains och aches, so I thought that people here might be the right future users. Surveys that I’ve done thus far indicate that there’s a big market, however, I need independent people to fill in this short survey. It only takes 2 min!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      done 🙂 hope it helps

  2. Vesper says:

    Hi ! Im going to singapore soon and Im thinking of buying nike goods there. Do you have any recommendation of stores that I should visit? And when it comes to sports apparel, where is more expensive, malaysia or singapore? I look forward to your reply. Thank you ! 🙂

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      You can try Queensway Shopping centre 🙂 but be sure what model (suitable for your feet type, pronation,etc) and style (cushioning, minimalist. trail, etc) you have in mind because there are quite a lot of shops with a huge variety. AS for price wise, I can’t say if Malaysia or Singapore is better but I do know it is reasonable in Singapore.
      Especially for past season shoes.

      Hope that helps!

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