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Nike She Runs Singapore 2013 – Race Day Review

The last month has been an absolute whirlwind! Can’t believe that 4 weeks have passed by so quickly! Looking back, the journey has been great with so many new friendships formed and experiences to be had. What a way to kick-start my training back into running huh ūüôā

Realistically, I knew I wouldn’t be able to achieve a PB or go anywhere near my current PB of 24.10 min for the 5K but hey, no complaints. As long as I don’t further aggravate the injury, I am a happy girl.¬†

So here’s how the run went:

Got to go the front of the start pen thanks to VIP race tags that also allowed us into the VIP lounge for some post race nosh (roti prata and buffet spread, sinful pleasures but soooo worth it)

Nike She Runs Race Tag

Nike She Runs Singapore start line

Nike she runs crowd

nike she runs race review

elite runners taking off!

While waiting, I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful view and the lovely weather that prevailed despite earlier drizzling in the afternoon.¬†

paranomic photo of marina bay sands and singapore flyer


The Nike She Runs Singapore 2013 race route:

Starting at the Gardens by the Bay East, I can remember this route very clearly as this is around the 30km mark or so (i think) of the Standard Chartered Marathon where I had to use all my pysching powers to will myself onwards. Anyway, since this is the start point, no worries then. I ran past the bridge to the lush Gardens by the Bay and towards the Flower Dome where I made a u-turn at the 2.5km mark. As I was running towards it, Anne Qihui,  the winner in 17min 51 sec was already sprinting like a cheetah  back towards the Gardens. Followed closely behind was Vivian Tang, another awesome local runner. 

Looking at my pace on my watch, i was doing about 5.30 min/km but felt a bit breathless and knew that it was due to not training for so long. I decided to tone it down a notch and take the 3rd km rather slowly. The 4th km was more tiring as my feet did start to ache with each stride but the Nike frees were really accommodating and flexible enough to give some comfort. Towards the end, I decided to hell with it, and picked up my pace, I was aiming to go under 30 min and did so in 29min 14sec although this was according to my watch. Just have to wait for the official results. 

*Promise to myself: gonna better my PB once I heal. 

running blog, review on nike she runs

Post race:

The village had such a carnival like atmosphere with local bands like 53 A belting out tunes that had the crowd in a positively good mood. I could see long queues for the free hot dogs and ice cream which was a nice touch by the race organisers.

Runners could also get their photos taken “polaroid” style as a keepsake.

nike she runs



Some more photos:


The fabulous media crew for the Nike She Runs 5K

nike bff crew , nike she runs singapore

The BFF crew, Georgina and Mavis

Charmaine, bff of almost 16years, Happy Birthday babe!

nike bff crew singapore

Post running glow, no make up!

Oh and of course the finisher tee. They didn’t give any finisher medal though.¬†

nike she runs finisher tee

And so that concludes the run that will definitely go down as one of the more memorable ones, not because of the distance but because of all the camaraderie, fun and laughter. 

Thanks for reading! 

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3 thoughts on “Nike She Runs Singapore 2013 – Race Day Review”

  1. nws says:

    Hello Sheryl!

    I happened to be looking for running information and stumbled into your blog here.
    Nice and motivating blog here =)

    Just curious in your photo with your GPS running watch, is that a Timex brand?
    In any case, good job for finishing your run below 30 minutes and it is not surprising to hear Anne and Vivian clinching the top few spots.

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Thank you for the encouragement ūüôā the watch is the Garmin forerunner 210, just got it as a pressie so I only did a few runs with it so far but am liking it quite a bit. You looking to get one? Another watch I liked was the Alpha Mio…

  2. nws says:

    Hi again sheryl!

    Thanks for your fast reply and hello to another garmin user!If you don’t mind me adding you to my garmin connect,let me know your username ^__^ (mine is nwstbz). That is an awesome present for a runner like yourself here!

    I am using a garmin FR 10 which is a budget GPS running watch and easy to use.Only bad thing is its battery life with GPS activated is 5 hours,but i am not complaining since it has been fun uploading running routes and detailed information with garmin so far =)

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