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Why We All Need a Break Sometimes – Part 2 My Results

We all need a break sometimes. ( Read why here ) From work, family, friends and even our activities sometimes.

I was forced to take a break from running due to an injury. It’s been almost a year now, and I still have not been able to run seamlessly and pain free. Even the runs I did in 2012 were tainted with pain. The last marathon was a stupid idea and I think ego got in the way of recovery and I am paying the price of that now (see what else i learned when running injured) with a very inflamed plantar fasciitis which has since healed 90%. 🙁 I still yearn for the day where I can run 100% injury free.

Whenever I see people out running, the nice part of me thinks:”awww, I would love to do that.” The evil part of me becomes envious, and suddenly I hate every runner in sight.

But as I mentioned, taking a break is a good thing if you can see the bright side of things.


In the past few months since Dec (I walked the Safari Run), I have managed to focus on other sports that I scarcely paid attention too. I think this is what you call survival instincts. The one where you don’t give up just because you hit a brick wall.

You find alternatives and my alternatives to getting my fitness fixes are swimming, biking and focusing more on strength training and better nutrition.

So here are my results from taking a break 🙂


Not that I can’t swim. It’s just that I couldn’t swim very well. So I compelled myself to learn the front crawl properly. No one can say I look as if I am drowning now. I started with upping my endurance with the breast stroke and worked my way up from doing 2 laps at a time to completing a triathlon. Yay!

front crawl


Biking is a good alternative to running as it is also cardio but has less impact on the knees. I don’t have a bike yet, I think its too expensive and I can’t afford to get one yet but every now and then  I rent a bike and start pedalling yo. Haha and spin class is fantastic too 😉

Strength training

Yeap, one aspect that I ignore quite frequently. I knew it was important but I was lazy! I would much rather run than spend time building muscles. But ever since I am disabled from running, I have been taking the time to work on my core and arms. Pretty pleased with the results so far. I am hoping that when I recover, this makes me a better runner.


I like eating clean but I wasn’t that disciplined since I could run off what I ate. But now that I can’t do that, I was still eating as if I was. That and another health issue led to a pretty big gain in weight last year, although I stopped gaining (thank god!) I had a hard time losing the excess as I love my cakes and candy and adore baking!

So I really made a commitment to cut out sugar slowly. Going cold turkey was a no go for me as this would lead me to go into a frenzy. Imagine piranhas attacking.

So I prepped my own meals, allowed myself to indulge once in a while and sourced for alternatives to sweet treats and experimented with healthy recipes for baking and cooking 🙂 Am still in the process of losing the excess but will get there soon I believe, (maybe even write a post on how to lose weight correctly in the future,we’ll see)

whack a kitty

Just thought this was so cute! No kitties were harmed. 

What about you? Have you taken a break and tried something else before? Any experiences to share?

Thanks for reading! 

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4 thoughts on “Why We All Need a Break Sometimes – Part 2 My Results”

  1. mtganzer says:

    I started swimming several years ago when I was recovering from a groin injury I got running. That was interesting because I also could not kick while swimming.

    I highly recommend checking out the Swim Smooth web site for swim hints. Swimming is very technique oriented so attention to details pays big dividends

    If you decide to continue to pursue triathlons, beginner road bikes are not all THAT expensive. But there should also be places (Bike Haus is one) that you can rent one to try out to seehow you like it.

    Good job finding upside to the downtime!

    1. Sheryl Goh says:

      Lol, that must have been something swimming while not being able to kick. However did you manage? Thanks for the link, def will check it out. Yeah, am learning that swimming is more technicle than anything. The only difficulty i have is a common runner problem where I am so accustomed to using my knees that when I swim, I tend to use them to kick instead of the whole leg which drags me down of course. Well, lots to learn and looking forward to getting all the tips I can get:)

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