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10 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

Are you one of those who likes to workout alone, in peace and quiet? Or do you need someone to “suffer” together?

Whatever the case, we all could do with a workout buddy sometimes. They are there to make sure that you wake up at 7am for that morning run. That you go for that workout instead of heading back home.

did i hear wrongly

Did I hear wrongly? You want to SKIP spin class?

Talk about commitment. An exercise buddy makes you accountable to your workout plans.

10 Benefits of having a workout buddy:

1.  A little friendly competition makes you work harder. When you feel like giving up and you turn and see your friends still going at it with gusto, theirs is no way you are giving up. If they can do it, you can too!

2.  It’s more fun to work out with someone. Sometimes, it can be lonely going to the gym or heading out for a run all by yourself. You don’t have to talk while you run but knowing that someone is beside you makes it better.

3.  They motivate you when the going gets tough or you could do the same. We all could do with a bit of encouragement every now and then. Just the other day, I brought my friend to Bikram Yoga and about 10min into it, she wanted to walk out, I gestured for her to just sit and breathe and in the end she made it through the whole 90 min! proud of her!

4.  Because in some sports, you need two people to play. Like squash, badminton, tennis, ping pong and others. You get my drift.

get your shit together

5. They spice up your exercise routine. Stuck in an exercise rut? Hate doing the same thing over and over again? Having a work out buddy allows you to try new sports more willingly if you know you aren’t the only one new at it. Want to try Zumba but have two left feet? Go with your workout buddy and look clumsy together 🙂

6. They are in it with you for the same reason and for the long run. You are committed to each other. Habits build character. If you practice being committed, you will be disciplined and responsible to your workouts and not stand someone up on an exercise date.

7.  Deepens your friendship with one another. Learn things about each other you never knew. I have known my best friend for over 17 years but I would have not known how flexible she was until she went to yoga class with me or how strong her determination was when she completed her first half marathon alone!

8.  Workout buddies can influence your eating habits. Whenever you are tempted to eat cake after a workout, your buddy can be there to limit the damage done and besides, you don’t want to be the one who suggests eating unhealthily.

can't stop eating

Yes, you can honey

9.  You have something to look forward to on a regular basis. It’s not only a scheduled time for a workout but also to catch up with what is happening with each other.

10.  A workout buddy helps you to meet your goals. Be it training for a triathlon or jogging a 2km, they encourage, motivate, check up on you, train with you and make sure you do your best!

Even though there are times I love running or working out on my own, I treasure working out with my workout buddy too.

We go for Bikram Yoga together and I must admit there are plenty of times where I don’t feel like going as the sheer thought of 90 min in a hot room can be rather (sometimes*) unappealing but because I already said yes, she makes sure I get my lazy butt to the mat.

Do you have a workout buddy? How does he or she help you with your health and fitness?

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