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How to Take Care of Your Hair While Doing Sports

Writing this on a Sunday night, I realised that I have washed my hair 3 times and showered at least 6 times over the weekend! Why? That was cos of the intense workout session I had on Saturday, where I did a swim in the morning, weights session in the afternoon, followed by cycling in the evening.

Tired man, I woke up today achy but in a good way. By the afternoon, my quads were on fire! Ditto the glutes and arms but not as badly though. So as much as I don’t want to wash hair, I can’t cos I don’t want to end up stinky… and I love having soft and nice smelling hair AND I don’t want people to faint in the mrt. 

But swimming can really damage hair! plus I recently coloured my hair quite a few times this year so it ended up not as soft as before. Anyway, here’s how I managed to keep the damage to a minimum..

nice hair in water

What I think my hair looks like

damaged hair

what my hair really looks like

What I use:

Sunsilk for the longest time although on occasion, I try other brands but so far my hair kinda likes this the best. So I was pretty happy that they invited me to their pop up salon a few weeks ago for some hair styling plus tips on how to keep my hair healthy.

Sunsilk hairstyling

must have been telling them about the woes of chlorinated water…


waterfall braid from sunsilk salon singapore

Waterfall braids

sunsilk hair

sunsilk soft and smooth

hair arsenal

I really enjoyed the hair styling session as I am the kind who hardly even styles or combs her hair, haha. So guyish I know. I think they really should have more of these pop up salons more often, where not only the girls but the lads can have their hair styled in a jiffy while on a trip out in town. Haha maybe for those who just came out of the gym and have somewhere to go, this would be a super good idea. 

Aneeway, like their FB page here if you will.. I also like that it’s reasonably price considering the amount of conditioner I go through each time, ratio is 2:1 conditioner to shampoo each time.

In addition –  Here are some tips on how to take care of your hair when doing sports

1. Wear a swimming cap (obviously) but I know, I know, some people including me hate to wear one cos I think it makes me like very kuku. But if you are stubborn like me, see no. 2

2. Always use conditioner and put more at the end rather than the roots cos that’s where the split ends and brittleness occur.

3. Apply leave in conditioner and use a nourishing spray on mist regularly. I always keep on in my bag at all times (which is why i am forever using big bags, too much stuff to carry around)

4. Eat a healthy diet of good fats like salmon, walnuts and more ( see full list from Webmd here ) The nutrients you eat help fortify hair follicles so that prevents breakages, hair loss and more.

5. Try not to use a hair dryer but let your hair dry naturally on its own. The heat will damage your hair if it’s too hot.

Did I miss out on anything? Hope your hair stays lovely…. 

Thanks for reading! 

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